Satisfy Me

Do me a favor and comment to the author, sydney molare, below and tell her not to call my job and report me writing for not working. She’s trying to mess up a sistah’s hook up, LOL. Then you need to be on the lookout for her book, Satisfy Me Again coming in December. The first book, Satisfy Me was soooo GOOD! I’ll keep you abreast of that too.

2 thoughts on “Satisfy Me

  1. well sylvia, is sydney ever goin to finish her story payback inc on this site?

  2. Shonda,Sylvia KICKED ME OFF once I told her I was gonna tell on her!!! Brownie Scout honor.LOL. Yes, I am going to finish it, but I’ll be on my blog: Sylvia so graciously allow me some space but I can’t hog it…much as I’d like to. Her fans are off the chain!BUT back to Sylvia. Gul, I’m gonna tell for sure now that you’ve “sicced” your fans on me. LOL. Smooches and much love always.Syd

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