What I’m up to….

Just in case you didn’t notice, I’ve posted the Jan 2008 story on the side bar.
I know, you’re like, wait, Sylvia where did that come from?
Don’t know. Just popped up in my head as is my usual won’t.
But what about Drawing the Line and Dark Facade and Stealing Innocence?
Dark Facade is still a WIP and Stealing Innocence… well me and Lethal have some things to work out. Being in his head is not pleasant and I don’t like the way I get when I have to deal with him.
Anyhoo, as for Drawing the Line, it’s secretly being posted somewhere online.
Now if you’re a fan of mine and you’ve been following me for a while, then you would probably have a listing of all my blogs I’ve done.
It’s where you wouldn’t suspect but you’ve been before and you have to find it. When you arrive, make sure you leave a comment to let me know.
Now if you can’t figure it out or you aren’t a good sleuth, you’re going to have to wait.
Why the secrecy?
Because it’s just fun and torture and heck, I wouldn’t be the queen of cliffhangers if I didn’t give you something to look forward to.
Okay, start the search. It’s going to fun to see who gets there first.
Hurry up. I’m starting Chapter 2 tomorrow.

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