Nominated in Erotic Showdown

One of my writing buddies and author, Sydney Molare, just found this great thing on me that I didn’t even know I was even in the running for.

Nominated in Erotic Showdown

On Publisher’s Market Blog Entry June 19, 2007 , Bill Stephens writes about erotica and his experience reading then in the past compared to the erotica now. He then goes to nominate several well known authors :

  • Skylar Sinclair
  • Tiva Wallon
  • Charlene Leatherman
  • Skyler Grey
  • Gwen Master
  • Jenifer Macaire

And then at the very last of this listing is little ole me! OMG!

I mean these are some heavy hitters when it comes to erotica, but what really shocked me was that I was the only black one. Although Charlene Leatherman didn’t have a picture of herself on the website.

Me! I mean, I’ve known about Skylar and Skylar and I’ve heard a lot about Gwen, Tiva and Jenifer. This was so shocking and honoring at the same time.

Well I didn’t win but I was nominated and that really perked my spirits up.

Thanks Sydney for looking out for me and sharing that news with me.

I’ve been getting lots of traffic to the site even though I’m not writing so I know you guys are still doing the word of mouth about me.

Keep it up and I’m coming back soon. Thanks for all your patience during my trying time.

Kisses and love, From Your author

Sylvia Hubbard

Oh yeah if you wanted to see the article and post a comment to the author go to: and scroll down to the entry on June 19, 2007.

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