Sex Weed – Chapter 42.3

Yes, you hate me!
If I wasn’t getting things offline, I was getting thing online about how could I allow Reed to do that.
Realistically let’s look at this. Now you know I never write the ordinary romance novel. (If that was the case a big time publisher would have picked me up already, right? LOL)
Shit happens in life. I mean I’m being real.
Knowing this and knowing Reed, you know realistically this was going to happen.
This is now listed in Works in Progress
Sex Weed – Chapter 42.3 (c) Sylvia Hubbard

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25 thoughts on “Sex Weed – Chapter 42.3

  1. ASSHAT that is for reed. Girl just breath and pray help is on the way that is for Mel. Syl I know it has to be realistic but DAMN.

  2. That was a Great post Sylvia. That Reed he is something else. You aren’t a prisoner. The gall of some people. Yes, I was devastated when Reed took it from Mel, but I do love the fact that you can bring us away from reality and then throw us right back in it. It’s probably what keeps up coming back for more… ..

  3. I hope he doesn’t hit her. I am cringing for Mel. Please be nice Reed you just got what you wanted from her sex wise. Sheesh a woman has got to eat you know lol :). Great post Sylvia. Deja

  4. That’s just great. Iam ready for Dyson to rescue her. Hurry!!!! Tori

  5. Hi Sylvia. Its been 8 days since the last post ya still out there? lol 🙂

  6. Has anybody heard from Sylvia lately? Trying not to get worried, but its just not like her to be gone this long with no word whatsover.

  7. I know suprina I sent an email to her days ago asking if she was ok and I recieved no reply, but she has to approve the comments before they are posted so she must be checking her blog.

  8. I’m worried about her too. Normally, she would have atleast sent word of how she’s doing.

  9. i pray that sylvia is alright, its not normal for her to be gone this long with no word of whats goin on.

  10. yup me too.. i have been checking her blogs morning, noon and night… no word from her..

  11. hey guys.. can anyone who knows her number could call her up? really worried now… is she alright? Is she approving all these comments.. i dont think so…

  12. I found Sylvia’s cell phone number and spoke with her just a few minutes ago. She told me that she was going through a personal crisis and she wanted me to pass a message on to her fans. Unfortunately we were disconnected and and I didn’t get the message. If I hear back from her, I’ll be sure to let you guys know. Marlene

  13. Y’all, from what I can see, Sylvia is still alive and well. At least she was last weekend based on the link before. She even mentioned something about going to celebrate her daughter’s birthday that day (Sept 1st).Link: Sylvia is just taking a much needed break from writing for a while. Or maybe her job situation has changed and she can’t post regularly anymore. She did give us the heads-up about that, remember?I’m really not sure what the problem is, but I was comforted by the fact that the girl was at least still alive.Hope that helps.Suprina

  14. From Sylvia:“I deeply apologize for not responding to any comments or continuing on with the story. Other sections are complete but in shorthand form on notebook paper. I am also not able to get to a computer and my twelve year old daughter has been approving the comments during her free time at school. Due to an immense amount of personal problems and things going terribly wrong with the literary event, I had to step away and take care of business before my lights got cut off. I’ll try to sit down and start typing notes up today. I may be able to begin posting again on Monday and hopefully I can get the grant I need for the event. If I don’t have it by September 15th, I probably won’t do the conference. I refuse to stress over things out of my control. Please bear with me a little while longer and I promise to post as soon as I can. You guys have been so wonderful and I really do enjoy your comments and concerns. Sylvia”Marlene

  15. are you dropping this story from you blog??? haven’t been in update in like a month

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