Sex Weed – Chapter 40

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6 thoughts on “Sex Weed – Chapter 40

  1. Don’t tell me it’s Lethal Sylvia! I was wondering when they were going to show up if it is him…lol Can’t do a story without him and Onxy. Tori

  2. Sylvia, first I am truly sorry about your new work rules. Some higher power always finds a way to screw us over at our jobs. Io hope you find some time in your busy schedule to write because we do love your books. And i have to say I love how you introduce your characters…. this new person is a mystery and i can’t wait to find out who he is… is he from a past book??

  3. Don’t Do this. Please Sylvia. I just fell down from my seat. Every body has to know whats next and who is this character. what say folks!!

  4. Yeah I think its Lethal, cos i have been waitin for the apperance of one of the Hearts.Cant wait.

  5. I think it Mandigo actually. Forget what previous novel he was in but his face was mangled somehow forgot how that was done as well. But i do remember ready about him in one of the other novels. Gotta run and get back to work. Great posts Sylvia as always lol. Deja

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