Sex Weed – Chapter 34.4

Okay, people, this is the last post and I hope you enjoy it. There is a lot to read because this is a lot of explaining.

You know I’m not big on thick paragraphs, but she had a lot to say.

Melissa has had a total breakdown.

Time is winding down and you guys know we’re reaching the chapter 40 mark.

If you are new to this bit, I should let you know. I am a 40 chapter girl. even if I write the book off the top of myhead, I’ve hardly ever gone past 40 chapters. Right now we’re at 81K words and that’s a lot, but I think this one will be about a good 100K.

That’s a full length novel this time. I wasn’t trying to write so much. I really was trying to hit this and quit this, but it’s turning out really great. (yes, I’m patting myself on the back.)

I forgot to charge my mp3 player last night so it’s going on dead and i’m getting depressed cause I needs my music in order to type so i can’t do chapter 35 at all. I’m not hearing Brian McNight and unless someone wants to fly him out and let him sing by my cubicle that’s the only way I can get through that one.

Well, just let me know if I got it all out and it all made sense. I do suggest you read the entire chapter again just to make sure you got everything

have a great weekend and let’s pray i get my car back out the shop this weekend.

praying praying praying!

…. and yes, Dyson is still an ass after all this.


This is now listed as a work in progress

Sex Weed – Chapter 34.4 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

5 thoughts on “Sex Weed – Chapter 34.4

  1. You couldn’t have written like two more sentences to give an idea of what is going to happen. All well I will re read this over the weekend I know the best parts are coming up so I want to make sure I am clear on the story. Thank you for such a beautiful story I hope you car is working. I am having a few problems with the one I got to replace the one I wrecked so I understand girl and wish you luck1!!

  2. Excellent chapter. I know what it feels like to not matter. Or when no one notices you. Looking forward to next weeks chapters. Deja

  3. I want Melissa to have a back bone. I know she is hurting and in pain but I want her to come on top. I want her to shine because I think she deserves a little bit of happiness. You really blew me away when you said Penelope was Daniels mom. Dern that was a great twist. I always knew Dyson was the father but I never would have thought that Penelope was his mother. I hope you get in the mood to post on tomorrow. Hint…Hint… Tori

  4. Why did u have to make Penelope as Daniel’s mom? After reading almost all of your books, I hould have expected it but u still surprised me with this. Since I am the eternal optimist, I hope u will get Penelope out of the picture (gah! I am such an evil person for wanting you to kill off a character) some way or the other so that Melissa and Dyson can have their own happily ever after soon enough.Aran

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