Sex Weed – Part 34.2

You know Carmel, I really think you’re going to die the way you type. I can almost hear your voice screaming at me ordering me to finish.

Unfortunately, my boss said I had to keep working and I couldn’t stop to finish up writing, LOL.

you’re funny.

Just for you Carmel. I posted one more….



This is now listed as a Work in Progress

Sex Weed – Part 34.2 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

6 thoughts on “Sex Weed – Part 34.2

  1. Uh Oh she should have told him about melissa. I think he is really mad at mel now. Oh well only the future will tell or not as in the future chapter. lol Nice work Sylvia. Deja

  2. I really do hope that Melissa come out with it already. She is about to marry the man and she needs to trust him. Thanks for addressing the paternity. Now I can’t wait for tomorrow. Tori

  3. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I know you did just that Sylvia!!! My husband his gonna have to put somthing fierce on me to get me out of this bad mood! Great sotry. please, please, please keep it coming -mznewbootie

  4. oh! god!! he found out about pen. That’s Good or might be bad. Why Doesn’t Melissa Spill the beans?? Please Sylvia Post More ASAP.Ashwini

  5. I love this update.. This story has so evolved from the first chapter where lust and hate filled melissa and now , where love and trust are fighting for equal supremacy.I feel penelope got her just deserts after years of lying to evry1 and making melissa’a life miserable! i feel reed is the father of only oone son..don’t want to paste any spoilers..just my thots here..I feel reed is already straining at the reins to get to melissa and his son…I feel dyson and melissa will never get a quiet immediate wedding nite..but I know their avowals of love is but an inch away!Love your stories sylvia. Wow! this isthe longest review i’ve ever pasted here!

  6. I Thank you thank you thank you for the post. You know I love your writing it’s what I read at work when Dory and Asshat start getting on my nerves. So yeah I am sometimes a little okay a LOT impatient but if the writing wasn’t so good I wouldn’t care. Just take it as a complement and don’t forget it’s friday so we should have a new post today 🙂

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