Sex Weed – Chapter 27.3

Yes, I was supposed to post this Friday. I didn’t mean to leave you in a cliffhanger and I’d gladly buy the wig you need if you’ve ripped all your hair out.

This part stressed me out really bad because I had to do the Reed thing. I really really hate him.

That’s why this post is so long, plus when i read it this morning, I decided to add some more to get some things out the way to get closer to where I want to be.

Monday mornings are the usual busiest and I still have twenty things to do as usual.

On the personal side, I’m still carless, but my sister – the beautiful one (that what she calls herself when I introduce her to people) – found me this great mechanic and he’s so cute. He can work on my car ANYDAY! even if it ain’t broke.

Gawd, I need to find a permanent beau! LOL

I’m just glad he fixed the durn door, (I was doing the ghetto get in the passenger side thing) but now he needs to fix the fuel pump and find out why it’s leaking oil. I’ll get back to him about the heater coil and getting the fender fixed from the idiot hitting me.

Oh yeah, I do like the new Grae a lot too. She’s cool and she cares a lot.

Why hasn’t anyone asked about Dyson’s first wife?


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Sex Weed – Chapter 27.3 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

6 thoughts on “Sex Weed – Chapter 27.3

  1. Pen is stupid stupid stupid why in the world would she tell reed about the boy she had to know he would kill her she is so stupid so now not only is she dead she has put everyone else’s life in danger too and I think cheron dead too by the way how does grae know the ex wife how does she play into the story

  2. When are u planing to finish this book??? To get an idea how long its going to be before we get answers.The last chapter was good one! I dont understand Y grae should feature in this book? If she is not going to come in ever again in the book is this the way of u telling ppl to read the story related to Grae?

  3. Well i guess Penelope got what was coming to her. But i have a feeling she was killed very violently. Where is Cheron as well, is she dead as well? I actually felt sick to my stomach thinking that Penelope was killed cause now he wants to get at Mel. Run Mel Run and hide. Great post Sylvia. Deja

  4. Well I guess I seen thar coming. I knew Penelope was going to die but why did she tell Reed about Daniel. I don’t think Daniel is really reed’s son. I think he’s Dyson’s son. Tori

  5. i do feel a lil sorry for penelope if he truly kills her but she shouldn’t have been so devious to melissa or reed.. i hope reed doesn’t find them in canada.. that would just be the worst.. i looved this chapter sylvia keep up the good work.. and i hope that sexy does fix your car somethin good. maybe you could use him for a character in another book?? (hint hint) -Eva

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