Sex Weed – Chapter 26.2

(answering comment from last post)

Tori: Yes, I’ll address that when I get to it.


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Sex Weed – Chapter 26.2 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

6 thoughts on “Sex Weed – Chapter 26.2

  1. Yes it is time to tell the TRUTH! I feel sorry for Penelope because Reed is going to get those papers why she is there and all hell is going to break loose. Great Post. Tori

  2. True Reed and Penelope are just the right people to go to hell. Dyson needs to know the truth. The sooner the better for Melissa. Great post. Ashwini

  3. INDEED Melissa spill the beans puleeze!!! BUT BUT…ole’ Penelope is in for the storm of her life, Reed thinks he passed a tender night with her and the day after, divorce papers??? MAMA MIA…madness is about to be unleashed in her face and who says she doesn’t deserve it for all her wickedness to her sister al these years……terrific post! Terez

  4. I personally thinks pen deserves it she is spiteful if she would have come when mel told her to she wouldn’t be having this problem she could have left earlier her fault but it is time to spill the beans please all of them

  5. I’m confused, y’all (it might be because I was reading so fast, trying to play catch up with everybody else).But exactly who are the bad guys here? Cheron, Penny, Reed? I wasn’t too fond of Dyson either until recently.Am I missing something? Let me know before Sylvia offs somebody and I feel sorry for the wrong person. lol.Suprina

  6. Yes, it is time for Melissa to spill the beans and confess everything to Dyson. Its the least she can do in return for him rescuing her. Penelope deserves divorce papers and anything else Reed is dishing up to give her when he wakes.Suprina, it all depends on your interpretation of the story. In my opinion, Reed and Penelope are the bad guys. Dyson has moved over to the good side now.

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