Sex Weed – Chapter 25.2

aha!!! I almost made it before ten. I got on at nine to post and then I was re-reading over my post and decided to add some explanations here so when the crap hits the fan I can say… i told ya so.

PS: Any readers blurbs or reviews of Sweet Reunion need to come in right away because the book is going to be going into typesetting soon as Secrets, Lies & Family Ties. I’d love to post your review in the press kit and it you would love me to do it, then Please please please send in your review of the book. I know a lot of you read it so come on, give me your take on it and lets get this over with, LOL.

When you send it in, please put your name and if you are an author or someoen in the literary field please add that. Otherwise just put your city and state. (or country).



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6 thoughts on “Sex Weed – Chapter 25.2

  1. Sylvia, will you be using any of the comments from when the story (Sweet Reunion) was going on? I remember commenting a lot. Should I look those up and condense them? Or do you need my fresh take on the story now that it is over?I want to help any way I can. Just let me know.Suprina

  2. Penelope really sounds like a major bitch. Mel needs to give her sister a swift kick in the rear. Great post Sylvia. It explained alot of things and i understand alot more about her reed and dyson now. Better get back to work. Nice post for the weekend. Deja

  3. Sylvia, I am loooovvvvvvvviiiiiing the story line you need to write more please pretty please with sugar on top 🙂

  4. I am ready for Dyson to rescue Melissa. I am glad that Reed did have a heart and I curious to know that Dyson and Reed sounds like blood brothers instead of step-brothers. She keeps saying Daneil looks like Reed when I think Daniel is really Dyson’s son. This is getting good. Great Post. Tori

  5. Soooo is Daniel Dyson’s or Reed’s??!! She seems troubled here and I am too!! it’s nice to find out that depite having a monster reputation Reed has a heart somewhere, seems more like P is the one who messed the poor guy up…where’s my man Dyson?terez

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