Sex Weed – Chapter 24

Reader Question:

Hi Sylvia, love sex weed. this is the first time i ever tried to read a blog like this and I can say i’m so upset that I hadn’t got the opportunity to read more live stories from you. as i was going back from old storys i’m envious of the comments made cause it really look like the people reading it were having a good time. I started sex weed late (referred by a friend) but I was wondering when I tried to go back and read something that the posting had disappeared. What happened? and as I’m reading sometimes you say chapter and sometime you say part. Also, since you’ll be going on hiatus after sex weed which books would you recommend that i read? I’ve already read stealing innocence 1&2 and I just purchased sweet reunion and I’m going back to get mistaken identity.

Author response:
thank you for enjoying sex weed. after a while i do erase the posts so when i get to the end, i don’t have that much work to do, although blogger’s made it easier to erase. about the post and chapters, I’m confused! They are supposed to be chapters. Now if I had a book to recommend I would say Stone’s Revenge.

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7 thoughts on “Sex Weed – Chapter 24

  1. i love love love ,this book and every dook u write ( i’ve read everyone)sexweed just keeps getting better keep i t up…

  2. hi sylvia, that was a really short post. And i am literally hanging onto my chair b by a hairbreadth. don’t do this to me pls. now that the story is getting more n more interesting, i am looking fwd to longer and longer posts 😀

  3. Really Sylvia..The posts are short and sweet (great!!!) I understand that you aren’t feeling that great but I hope you get you energy back soon to write us some real long good reads!! it’s really suspense in the works here!!

  4. Yes! Dyson to the rescue! I can visually see the look of relief on Mel’s face as she sees the Hummer’s lights. Good post Sylvia!

  5. DOH! How could she forget her stuff. Hope this doesnt’ cause problems. Hope it won’t piss Reed off so bad that he kills P. Anyway gotta get back to work great post Sylvia. Deja

  6. You always do that! Dern now I have to wait until the next post. Great Chapter and I pray that Dyson find Melissa fast. Tori

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