Good Morning & Drawing The Line Update

Doctor said I just needed some rest and I tried to get some last night, but I can’t sleep when I’m in the midst of a story, but after this I will be taking a serious break until September.
(I know you don’t want to hear that one, LOL).
I figured our newest story then will be the start of Drawing the Line. I want to release it on ebook by 2008 and I need to get going.
You’re asking in your head about Dark Facade.
It’sa coming. I’m clearly thinking some high authority really doesnt want me to finish it. The flash is totally gone and what I saved what up to a point.
Anyhoo, I was twinkling around last night and I did a general cover for the Drawing the Line. I’ll add more because I want a red background. I’ll also change the lines and so forth. I’m trying to come up with a hook sentence, so if you have any ideas, I’d love to add yours.

As for Sex Weed, I left my flash at home and I’ll go home for lunch to pick it up. That won’t be until 1:30 pm EST.

While you’re busy waiting for your update, I need you to ask me all the questions that you haven’t asked about the story. It’s time to close the doors and I want to make sure I do justice to my characters and to you.


Yes, someone is dying SOON

No, I can’t write faster than a book every three months. (She wanted to know could I write a book a month cause she’s a fast reader.) Are you trying to kill me?

No, I won’t call you and tell you the story for $50 dollars. (Although a grand might move me to make that phone call), but since you are leaving on vacation I can email the chapters to you as we go along when I post to the blog.

I think that was it, but if I missed something then email me again a reminder. LOL.

Oh, and tell me what you think of the book cover model.