Let’s Chat Today @ 2:30

I’m chatting today @ 2:30 pm EST

I’ll talk about whatever you want, but I’m not going to reveal the story because I don’t even know it either.

Can’t wait to speak to you!

3 thoughts on “Let’s Chat Today @ 2:30

  1. Here is a portion of the chat if you missed it:[2007-06-21 17:38:58 GMT+0]Ronalda: So when are you going to post again?[2007-06-21 18:29:19 GMT+0]Sylvia: i m posting Friday[2007-06-21 18:29:44 GMT+0]Sylvia: 4 SexWeed, I ve cut my time on posting everyday…[2007-06-21 18:30:02 GMT+0]Sylvia: like i ve done for other stories because it was an emotinal and mental tiringexperience[2007-06-21 18:30:22 GMT+0]Sylvia: I usually post on Monday s, Wednesday s and Friday s for this[2007-06-21 18:30:37 GMT+0]Sylvia: and it s help me give me time to give my brain a little rest inbetween[2007-06-21 18:35:23 GMT+0]Sylvia: Next question?[2007-06-21 18:40:15 GMT+0]Sylvia: i m here. type your questions or leave them in the comment section for the chat message for today[2007-06-21 18:54:02 GMT+0]Ronalda: How do you come up with these ideas?[2007-06-21 18:54:19 GMT+0]Sylvia: for the story[2007-06-21 18:54:22 GMT+0]Ronalda: they are brilliant!![2007-06-21 18:54:27 GMT+0]Ronalda: yes[2007-06-21 18:54:43 GMT+0]Sylvia: i m a boring chick who likes to just take what life shows her and twist it in some way[2007-06-21 18:55:09 GMT+0]Sylvia: i think – and i m probably gonna make some christains mad..[2007-06-21 18:55:22 GMT+0]Sylvia: but we all want to be like God in some weird sort of way[2007-06-21 18:55:32 GMT+0]Sylvia: we want something to create where we control it.[2007-06-21 18:55:55 GMT+0]Ronalda: and why is it that you aren t taken up by a more bigger– interms of more exposure[2007-06-21 18:56:31 GMT+0]Sylvia: 1) I stop applying after 2005 when I self published Stone s Revenge[2007-06-21 18:56:51 GMT+0]Sylvia: 2) When they have come to me (the two that did) i didn t like the terms[2007-06-21 18:57:20 GMT+0]Sylvia: when you have your own company and someone wants to take a 80/20 split in return for a larger market[2007-06-21 18:57:40 GMT+0]Sylvia: you really don t want to just say yes without getting more in return than just a larger market[2007-06-21 18:58:27 GMT+0]Sylvia: i would love to picked up by a larger market though

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