Sex Weed – Part 19 & Tell A Friend Tuesday

Free Tell A Friend from
Free Tell A Friend from

Tuesday again and yes, it’s tell a friend day. I figure with low donations, everyone can do their part in helping me get word of mouth about me as an author.
So tell a friend about me and let them know they can catch up with us in the story by reading the entire version at:
(It’s still only up till part 16, but I hope to update that by the end of the day)
Tomorrow I’ll be answering readers questions and responding to comments so email me with anything you’d like me to answer.
I usually don’t post on Tuesday but I’m in a good mood from all your interactions so here’s a treat.
Remember, the more you comment the more I post.
This is a shortie, but I figure I could help you stop refreshing the screen so durn much!
you know who you are…. i won’t even call names because it’s several of you, LOL.

this is a work in progress at:

Sex Weed Part 19 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

2 thoughts on “Sex Weed – Part 19 & Tell A Friend Tuesday

  1. Awww now we don’t know the explanation, oh queen of cliffhangers. I am one of those who read at work(don’t tell anyone lol) that keep on refreshing. I was happily surprised to see a post YAY!. Thanks Sylvia you made my tuesday. Keep up the awesome writing. Deja

  2. Yeah what explanation can he give her. I would like to know that myself. Thanks for posting Sylvia! Tori

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