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Today is Answer Readers Questions day

I get email all throughout the day and night from readers all over the world. Some are the same questions and others tickle me to dog gone death.

But I know I can’t die cause then you’ll be mad that I didn’t finish the story.

Anyhoo, I’ve designated answer reader questions day for Wednesday where I compile these answers into one email and blast it out through my yahoogroups.

(Don’t forget we have chats on Thursdays at 2:30pm EST)

Here goes:

Readers: I’m confused. First you said Dyson’s married, then Cheron’s his ex-wife. HELP!!!

Kill me once, kill me twice, but I, the illustrious Sylvia have made a mistake.

I did not mean to say Cheron was Dyson’s ex-wife. She’s his wife. They are still married.

Sorry for this confusion.


I just added this to my blogroll. I loved visiting and so should you! It’s by one of my readers.

Reader Kym said, “Any new dates” on the following books. “Looking forward to:”
Ø Emperor’s Addiction: Heart of Detroit Series

Ø Drawing the LineØ The Other Side of Love
Ø Stealing Innocence III: Lethal Heart
Ø Kings paradise

Me too.

I’m praying to the publishing Lawd for a deal. A gurl can’t give away all her secrets and I’m trying not to have a lot of books on my plate before I get Major Distribution.

So here’s the deal. You push me like I’m your pimp to every reader you meet and NY publishing Gawds will wake up and smell the coffee. (That advice is not just for Kim, hint, hint.)

Another reader asked, “When are you going to publish Sweet Reunion?”

I’m pushing Sweet Reunion in August retitled, Secrets, Lies & Family Ties.

Press Kit (click here):

I think that’s it for now.

Posting tomorrow a little after the chat time.

Hugs and kisses from Detroit, Michigan.

Your author.

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