Sex Weed – Part 15

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9 thoughts on “Sex Weed – Part 15


  2. hmmmm..Dyson is actually ABLE to control his sexual urges…. A FIRST! He sure got Melissa already drooling with want…this is really funny Sylvia and you got me all breathless until Melissa gets the nerve to “sic” him or Dyson’s control snaps! Can’t wait to see the information that nasty sounding woman will dig up! can’t wait to see them married too!! how about Dyson’s wife…he’s still married ain’t he or did I miss something?????!!thanx for the double post, i read it up in minutes! By the way the compliments that reader gave you on Sweet Reunion are well worth it Sylvia, you’re a bonafide fantastic writer!Terez

  3. ok i have a comment, i think 2.1. how do you come up with the plots. because they are just hard to work out. ok i think i know whats going on but then with you i never know. dont worry thats a good thing2. how do you get to post so often dont you get writers block? not trying to jinxs you or anything lol3. oh theres a #3 lol. um why dont you like any of the guys you create? is that a hint that your picky with men or you just like the love to hate them type of guys.lastly good… no great story and keep the work up-happy fan

  4. Okay I have been in the emergency room all night with Miss Imani so I am tired and at work so this will be short and sweet the story is getting really interesting sylvia I told to people about the story need a long chapter for that cause sista girl is tired with a capital Tkeisha

  5. Dyson trying to be a gentlemen…HA! But I like the idea that Melissa has to go to him. Great Post Sylvia. Tori

  6. loving the story..but then i always love your stories,keep up the good work i can’t wait to see what happens next.

  7. I’m really enjoying the story. I feel as scared and nervous as Melissa. I can’t wait for the next posting. The first thing I do when I get to work is login to your site and read what’s new and like an addict, I continue to come back all through the day hoping you’ve put something new out. Crazy I know, but I just love your writing.

  8. Sylvia, oh my, just getting caught up, had so much things going on this past week, I just dont know how you even do it! But hey all this make us stronger… Keep up the good work for your great reward is coming!This story is getting hot, I am reading and can see myself in these scenes. Can not wait to see how this turns out. Oh and please dont harm Melissa, she is pregnant have pity on her! I know you are about to kill someone, this is the calm before the storm you know how you go!Tia

  9. Man is this story getting good. Hey Sylvia are ya posting again this week? Always a devoted fan. Deja

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