Sex Weed – Part 11/ Let’s Chat

Let’s C hat!!!

Since most of us are online during the day. I thought maybe we should do a chat.

If you scroll down to the side bar right under the amazon wish list button, there’s a chat button.

At 3:30 I’ll be on the board and looking out for anyone who wants to chat and ask questions. Plus, I might comment on these past things to confuse everyone.

Especially my new fasination with twins. LOL



Sex Weed – Part 11 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

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  1. I you missed the chat… here’s some of it….2007-05-22 15:20:38]sylvia: inside secret: Melissa is Daniel s son….ooops[2007-05-22 15:20:48]keisha: Tia let someone else speak[2007-05-22 15:21:19]Tia: ok i am clear on that…[2007-05-22 15:21:36]Tia: lol[2007-05-22 15:21:42]keisha: you mean daniel is melissa s son[2007-05-22 15:21:55]keisha: Just messing with you[2007-05-22 15:22:39]keisha: so is dyson the father cause i believe he was trading places with dyson[2007-05-22 15:22:47]sylvia: dark facade:….[2007-05-22 15:22:55]sylvia: in the middle of editing right now.[2007-05-22 15:22:58]Tia: when is your book signing, I would love to be there and where![2007-05-22 15:23:06]keisha: i mean he was trading places with reed so are they twins also[2007-05-22 15:23:51]Tia: Yea are they twins, they have to be. Double twins[2007-05-22 15:24:11]sylvia: that s what i meant about Melissa[2007-05-22 15:24:37]keisha: ok but please hurry cause i read the first 17 or so chapters over and over hoping to get the ending[2007-05-22 15:25:40]Tia: Another inside, what is Tyrone and his brother about to do!!! They must be hot like the Bellini s![2007-05-22 15:25:59]Tia: Are they showing up in Sex weed? Are we asking to many questions?[2007-05-22 15:26:46]keisha: Well i hope to hear from tia later saying that she got more info but i gots to pickup the little one[2007-05-22 15:27:14]keisha: buhbye [2007-05-22 15:28:01]sylvia: hold on a minute[2007-05-22 15:28:38]sylvia: okay/…[2007-05-22 15:28:59]sylvia: brought in the tyrone and jerome for a reason[2007-05-22 15:29:18]sylvia: i needed twin experts and they would be the only ones to explain what s going on between melissa …[2007-05-22 15:29:23]sylvia: and her sister….[2007-05-22 15:29:35]Tia: ok so this is gonna get even hotter, love it![2007-05-22 15:29:39]sylvia: Then in a few more chapters, I am going to kill someone…[2007-05-22 15:30:06]Tia: oh yea, true, they went through this same delimma![2007-05-22 15:30:10]sylvia: of course i m not telling who but Dyson s hands are going to be covered in blood[2007-05-22 15:30:14]sylvia: for good reason[2007-05-22 15:30:31]sylvia: now no more secrets.[2007-05-22 15:30:39]Tia: i knew it, you had too!!! Just please be easy on this one! Who could you honestly kill!! UMMMM[2007-05-22 15:31:46]sylvia: can t tell you. sorry.[2007-05-22 15:33:47]Tia: I know you will not tell, but this will be a surprise[2007-05-22 15:34:12]Tia: Whoa, that is really interesting!![2007-05-22 15:34:26]Tia: You are full of surprises! Still the Queen[2007-05-22 15:34:26]sylvia: well, i decided to kill someon[2007-05-22 15:34:47]sylvia: after i read a readers comments bout how my stories are sounding the same[2007-05-22 15:35:09]sylvia: i do miss a good mystery and a good murder, so i said hey…[2007-05-22 15:35:31]sylvia: why can t we just figure out who really killed ….. oops almost told[2007-05-22 15:35:34]Tia: lol[2007-05-22 15:36:03]Tia: true, you rock![2007-05-22 15:36:06]sylvia: so i will and boy will it be hard.[2007-05-22 15:36:36]sylvia: okay, gotta get back to work and i ll try to post Thursday morning cause i know i ll be wore out[2007-05-22 15:36:39]Tia: Are you talking about Cheron?[2007-05-22 15:36:47]sylvia: for Friday cause I m going to see Pirates.[2007-05-22 15:36:58]sylvia: oh you re funny Tia[2007-05-22 15:37:06]sylvia: like I m going to tell you…LOL.[2007-05-22 15:37:08]Tia: Ok, I love this, you are great!!! Enjoy your day, look forward to reading your post![2007-05-22 15:37:20]sylvia: who i m gonna kill[2007-05-22 15:37:34]sylvia: bye bye![2007-05-22 15:37:41]Tia: Enjoy your week!

  2. Thanks for some of the chat. I was at work. I am excited about the next chapters!!! Keep up the good work! Tori

  3. Sylvia hiThanks for the update. It was riveting as usual!! Please tell me where I can get a completed cop of “Dark Facade”.RegardsAlice

  4. Hey Sylvia,thanx for sahring some of the chat, it was interesting and funny. I wish i could also chat with you but becuz of the time zones impossible!!i can say that with the few hints you gave the story can only get hotter and each day i can hardlywait to get to office and see what’s up with the two!you’re adding on jerome and tyrone becuz they are twin experts? not only melissa and pen are twins but dyson and reed tooo?????????????????????? crazy and incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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