Sex Weed – Part 9.3

This is a long azz chapter… whew!!! I just looked at my word count and the format and I was like, durn I’m going to have to break that up. I’ll do it in the final version, okay? For now. I’ll just do this.

I’ll try to update the download version this weekend for the people reading on a weekly basis because if you’re popping in and out and unsure when I’m posting or you haven’t subscribed for the dailys, then you’re pretty confused.

Sorry bout that.



4 thoughts on “Sex Weed – Part 9.3

  1. I think Im kind of starting to get it. KIND Of. Melissa used to be kind of weak but you already told us that. she only has a backbone when it comes to her son. But, that’s a damn good reason. I’m liking Melissa more she’ll do what needs to be done when it comes to her son. I hope she find that damn penelope though and do her something…Post AGAIn… I Know I’m being greedy. but, now since we know about the past we DESERVE to read more about the future…It’ll help us understand…:)

  2. Man that Penelope is one mean B**ch, would she kill her own sister. I am still a little confused though but i will get it once i read it again. Hope you have another post before the weekend cause i don’t want to wait till next week lol 🙂 keep us updated SylviaDeja

  3. Uh-huh! Now I got the story gooooood….yup. Penny is mean and selfish, I sure hop eshe gets what’s coming to her. I wish Melissa would grow a backbone fer herself not just for Daniel. I’m excited to see what’s going to happen in the past!! If Dyson knew he had married Melissa and the child is HIS!!!! SWEET !!!!Please post Sylvia!!! having to wait for more is torture cuz story sooo good! What next!?!Terez

  4. Oh ny this is getting good. I am still wondering are thry twins. It seems like it. I strongly think thst Daniel is Dyson’s. This story is crazy and I am loving it! Tori

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