Sex Weed Part 9

Now I know i haven’t commented or went out on any silioquies about anything lately, but I’ve noticed no one has said anything.

I thought to interupt now and give you a preview of what’s to come.

I’m about to do something I’ve never done before in the middle of the story…..

(Drum roll please)

I’m about to do a flashback.

Now this is going to be a learning experience so if you become confused, please let me know. As always, you’re getting this book live and it’s working out good because I’m not posting as much as I usually do and it’s given me time to just sit and stir.

But I thought that I needed to do this to help you come out of a lot of confusion. (Well help me too).

Of course what I’m posting now isn’t a flashback, but it’s coming okay.

Kisses and leave your comments at the bottom.

If I get enough over the weekend to let me know what you think, I might post extra next week.

And if you tell a few friends, then I might do you a fave again.

Okay, enjoy…



Sex Weed Part 9 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

9 thoughts on “Sex Weed Part 9

  1. If i were Melissa i wouldn’t give a fig who he was. I am a normally quiet person but Dyson totally gets on my nerves, i would have told him off by now. Gawd i hate that man lol. What the heck is she keeping a secret. Now you have left me hanging for the weekend that is not good Sylvia, now i wont’ get any sleep lol 🙂 keep up the good work girl… Deja

  2. Idon’t know about anybody else Sylvia but I am loving this story and I have torace home to see if you post it. I would love for you to post more. On to the story. I am now curious about Meslissa’s past. Don’t leavr me in suspense to long. Tori

  3. Im also loving this story, been waiting for you too post more lol. Cant wait for more!!

  4. I am loving this story so much I find myself checking every day sometimes more than 3x to see if more have been posted. I am so curious about what Melissa seems to be hiding in her past. Even though Dyson is an asshole he intrigues me. I can hardly stand the wait for more of your posts. Please do not keep your readers in suspense to long.

  5. what to say… what to say… im deff into the story but i have no clue what is going on. i too am a quiet chick… thats a lie im oppinonated and mr.D should kiss my ass and check the damn desk if his presentation was so important… and if i am so incompent then he should just go and fire me…:P word.lilo

  6. I don’t know about y’all but I happen to like Dyson! Yeah this brother is one full of himself arrogant sonofa…but he sho is interesting. I also like Melissa and am eager to hear more about her and the truth she is hiding from Dyson. This story is getting better by the week and I regret that it’s only posted 2x! When did our Queen of suspense ever let us down???!! great job Sylvia!!Terez

  7. i can’t wait for this flash back. I’ll bet that Dyson is the real father of Daniel. Good job Sylvia!!

  8. This is another great story Sylvia. I can’t wait to read more. Please don’t keep us in suspense.

  9. Ok sylvia I have been trying to be ok with your only posting twice a week but you know how me and Tia are we having been lapsing and having to go to more and more BJA meetings it’s just too much I am loving the way the story is going I have never loved to hate a person in the story as much as I do Dyson they both have something to hide can’t wait to find out what it is!!!!!!!!keisha

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