Author Interuption: Looking for readers in Detroit

Planning two things for the end of the year for myself and book.

1. An actual book release party. I’ll be planning a book release party in maybe December of this year for my book, Secrets, Lies & Family Ties. I would like to send actual invitations out to local fans and if you are coming out state, you’re invited too. If you’d like to come, instead of me making up a new form, please go to my old site and fill out the form with the complete address, (zip code included) at In the first line of the form put in your name and email. The second line put in your complete address and the third line put in Party. Easy? Thanks. Local readers might be part of the fun and I need to contact you about helping out.

2. I want to host a reader appreciation party in the city of Detroit. That’s planned for the new year (maybe a May or June thing) where I can sit down, face to face with readers. We’ll eat and just talk about thecurrent live story, past live story and you can pick my brain. I want to make it free so I’ll have other author friends present who will foot the cost to also sit with you and give you free books. Along with free food who couldpossibly pass that up.
You can fill out the same form as well.

thank you in advance.

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  1. That was crazy. I wonder what is Dyson agenda. Something not right Sylvia…hum…what could it be. Tori

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