Drawing the Line – grrrrrrrrrr & my day so far

I tore up my house. Since the fire, everything was displaced.

Drawing the Line is how in some black hole, but sitting in front of me is a printed out version.

Unfortunately, I can’t put that up to the screen for you guys to read, so guess what I’m doing on my hiatus?

Yes, retyping this bad boy… grrrrr.

(for all you guys waiting for that special insert, it’s coming)

On top of that, when I came out of my house this morning after feeling so good about finishing up Sin’s Iniquity…. (You guys totally confused lulu yesterday) …. some durn crack head broke into my car again … for nothing!!! there was nothing valuable in the car and they were trying to steal a cassette playing radio. Who steals cassette radio’s anymore? What an idiot?

Anywhoo, I’m coming down from my writing high. once I get into the story, it becomes a drug. I mean a serious addictive drug that propelled me to write when I didn’t feel like writing.

Now that it’s over, I’m feeling like you guys, still feening but knowing the dealer is gone.

Oh well, I’m crack open another short story for the anthology my friend Ladonna Tutt is working on. She ‘s my writing buddy and she runs this organization called, http://toosexyforyou.org. (If you’re at work, don’t click on that! LMAO.)

I’m going to write this short about a single mother gettign a one timer with this single dad and then of course there’s a twist to it.

back to writing ….

love and miss you guys….

Sydney will be here in April. To see her work in advance, http://sydneymolare.com.

I wrote a review about her book, Satisfy Me. It was really good on Amazon.


7 thoughts on “Drawing the Line – grrrrrrrrrr & my day so far

  1. Damn, sorry to hear about the crack head…some people :shakes head:Well, I look forward to reading Sydney’s work, and congrats on finishing Sin’s Iniquity.I was on another message board and I noticed that they were looking for affliiates. I thought it might be a good way to spread the word about your work. Do you have a button link so it could be posted on that mb…so that the members that aren’t familiar with your work will be able to check it out whether it’s your blog or your website. I’ll give you the link to the board so you can check it out. It’s called The Sweetest Taboo and there are alot of IR fiction readers and writers there.http://z14.invisionfree.com/The_Sweetest_Taboo/index.php?– Let me know if the link doesn’t work.

  2. thank you so much!that is sooo cool.BTW, group, if you’re reading this, I’m coming out with Sweet Reunion in paperback in August officially. It’s my first I/R to be published and i need all the promotion and spotlights I can get. I’d love for you to help me get spotlighted in bookclubs, at book events and so forth. I can work almost any genre except paranormal or sci-fi. So help a sistah out and help me! I’ll have a marketing kit ready soon and if you have a review for sweet reunion, then I’d like you to post it either on my website guest book or at the lulu book site < HREF="http://lulu.com/sylviahubbard
    ” REL=”nofollow”>http://lulu.com/sylviahubbard<> and then click on the book, scroll down and then post your review. I want to select a review to feature on the back cover from a reader. Whoever I choose will receive a free paperback SIGNED copy of the BOOK

  3. Sylvia,you really have to give some flak to your faithful readers in different time zones i’m in africa and got your message on SIN the next day so now what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i shall scream on frustration and call you on thursday to scream on the phone….booooooooohoooooooooooooooif those in your tiome zone get the book what about us ?????? think about us people…TEREZ

  4. alright different time zoners…if you are a faithful reader than you would read the comments as well. send me an email with book title in the subject line along with the country name. after verifying your email, you’ll get the book. this offer will be good until 9am est on march 29th.

  5. Hi sylvia,shamed me by telling me that i should read the comments…snif…i’ve only just discovered your blogsite where the comments go on Monday so bear with me pu-le-eeze……smilesbut thank you for the chance you gave different time zoners!!! i’ll try though don’t know if i’ll make it right now (8:45am in DRC)I just arrived in my office, if i don’t make it no sweat I’ll buy the book….your storiess are certainly worth the cash sistah’.Terez

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