Author Interuption – Sin’s Stupidity and the end of Sin’s Iniquity

I’ve gotten a lot of flack regarding the fact that Sin drunk what her sister gave her.

How could she be so stupid?

How could she allow Annelle to see the baby?

Well, we all hope for something good in people and when it concerns family, we hope for good more than the bad, even though we know there is more bad than good.

I think we hope so much that we end up hurting ourselves.

It’s like in Lord of The Rings when Frodo had to carry that ring. He knew the journey was going to be horrible and he knew he probably wouldn’t make it back, but even though he had several chances to just give up, he still continued to carry the ring in the hope that maybe the bad things wouldnt’ happen.

We all hope for the good. It’s human nature. Life wouldn’t be much of worth living if we didn’t have the hope and sometimes hope can work out for the good.


You’re reading fast trying to find out what’s going to happen huh?

I dug my heels down and I got this new laptop where I can carry in my purse.

I was everywhere typing on it this weekend and gawd, I cried when… oh I shouldn’t tell you, but it was soooo good.

So where is it?

Ummm, I’m going to do something for the people who had been with me EVERY DURN MINUTE!!! LOL

I know as soon as you got into work or got up this morning, you ran over to this website (me) to find out what the hell happened?

So in order to find out what happened to the end of the book, I’m going to upload the entire book until five p.m. EST for free!

No fair downloading it for friends either!

After 5 p.m., they’ll be a charge. No emailing me begging me to send it to you for free or emailing me telling me you had trouble with the file, or anything like that. I do apologize if you’re in a different time zone and reading this after the time, but I have to stick to my guns.

I’ll upload the book after 1pm. I want to work on that last scene with Amelia, Annelle and Sinclaire.


I’ll issue one last Author Interuption on this book at that time when the book is ready for download. For the persons that donated to my efforts during this time, I’m going to email you the file. If you have donated and don’t get it by the end of the day, email me off loop at

Thank you all for all your support with my literary endeavors.

Your Author,
hugs and kisses from Motown
Sylvia Hubbard
PS: for those who download the end of the book or even if you don’t or do, could you please leave a review of the book either in the guestbook at my website ( or in the review section of the site where you downloaded it at: (
Thanks again. Love and Kisses and be good to our guest author next month, Sydney Molare. If you want to see some of her stuff, go to her website at:
If you’re wondering when my next book will start, I plan for May cause I want to take some time off and I’m really not sure which book it’ll be. I wanted to start on another brother thing, but now I’m really looking at my next serial killer. Since Stone’s Revenge, I’ve been feening to do another one to get back into the muck of true suspense. Plus, I miss being evil on paper. I’ll make the decision by May 1st and then tell you when the first post will be.

3 thoughts on “Author Interuption – Sin’s Stupidity and the end of Sin’s Iniquity

  1. Hello,I am not about to miss this posting, it is now 2:15 exactly and there is nothing up! Is something goinh on, do you need help!!!Tia

  2. when are u going to upload and can we just download from the same site or is it going to be elsewhere?

  3. okay it is 3:15pm and it will take us all day and night and probably tomorrow but me and tia have mapquested detorit since we didn’t know where just the heart of it and have strapped on our roller skates and are on our way!!!! Cause we just can’t wait any longer.

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