Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 55.3

Sin’s Iniquity Chapter 55.3 (c) 207 Sylvia Hubbard

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  1. Okay, this is making me mad now. She jeopardized the well-being of her baby, goes into early labor, from all the anxiety she went through. Why and how come! I know it is hard for her to hear the man of her life, dreams does not even remember her, scream child. But one thing good out of this whole thing, which is making me to believe this is the only kinda, happy ending this story is going to have is the birth of the baby. At least love she will never have to worry about, that baby will love her forever unconditionally that is what she is searching for!!! Now you have to be a miracle worker to bring back his memory!Tia

  2. thats soo sad for Sinclaire but i guess its better then Dwight being dead

  3. Well this is something else I can’t believe this is happening. But perhaps something will trigger his memory of Sin somehow you never know it could happen stuff like that has happened before doctors have been known to be wrong at times and this may be one of those rare cases so we will hope anyway. Well just my thought on it poor Sin I hope it gets better for her.

  4. That was straight up a downer about Dwight. Sinclaire, the baby comes first. Chance is a real knight in shining armor. Lethal, lol, come on…I know you’ve seen pain before. LOL and Onyx don’t you want to see the mircale of childbirth. LMAO at Chance and Onyx…their convo was funny. And Onyx is my girl, lol. Still, shame about Dwight…memory come back!!! Maybe going to visit Amelia might help.

  5. She is having the baby early ohmygod!!!! Hope everything is ok with her I believe dwight will get his memory back or they will make new memories together that kind a of doesn’t just go awaykeisha

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