Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 52.3

Writing a book is just like running a race. You get tired sometimes and there are slow parts here and there. Yeah, I know the story is dragging and I’m procrastinating becasue when you’re trying to think of doing things like no one else has done it takes a while.

I ain’t Jesus and I just can’t snap my fingers and raise people from the dead. Bringing people back to life takes a while. Dwight got shot three times, fell in a freezing ass river and drifted down into the currents. How he survived is a mystery…. if he did.

I’mma coming okay and I am doing my best to keep it going but … just like a runner… sistah gets ty-yard some tymes. LOL


Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 52.3 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

Do you think Sin should have opened the door?

10 thoughts on “Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 52.3

  1. What part of don’t trust Annelle does Sin not get!!!! Wasn’t three bullets not enough of a lesson!!!

  2. What part of don’t trust Annelle does Sin not get!!!! Wasn’t three bullets not enough of a lesson!!!

  3. i think she did make the right decision. annelle didn’t have anybody else to turn to because her mom is in jail and i wouldn’t think that she would help try to kill sinclaire.

  4. No! She was just told that her sister was in on the plot to get rid of her; why on earth would she do that?What is it with people thinking that they know everything? You’d think being shot a few times would have taught her a lesson, but noooo, not Sinclaire!PG

  5. Hell naw…Onyx came and warned her for a reason. And you see what happened to Dwight when he didn’t listen. Whatever Annelle had to say could have been done in a phone call. But where’s the drama in that, lol.And hopefully mircales do happen and Dwight will resurface. And oh my goodness, I so can’t wait for Dalton’s story. You said we’ve met his mystery woman before…is it Onyx????

  6. HELL NO!! you should not have opened the door!! Not after what Onyx just told her. I knew that damn Annell was no good. I have BEEN saying that I dont trust the heifer. She may have an attack of conscious somewhere in this…but I wont hold my breath for it and I will be suspicious of it.Ljay

  7. she should have not open the door. i know that Sinclaire is curious and wants to know what Annelle wants, but i guess she should be a bit cautious and listen to what Onyx told her and stay away.

  8. Hell yeah! and I hope Annella is own her side. I believe Annella came to warn her that she is in danger. BTW you are a Goddess! DAMN SKIPPER! You can bring back the dead. Take a small break breathe relax then write. YOU GO GIRL! YOU”RE THE WOMAN!! GO SYLVIA! GO SYLVIA! IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY! GO SYLVIA! Pep talk over get to work! (giggle)

  9. She should have just put on the alarm system and pretend like she wasn’t home and walked away from the door

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