Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 51

Yeah, I’m late, but I was a good gurl and posted this morning.

Reading Dwight’s letter was hopeful and depressing for me. I went over it twice and I just… I hate death.

@ paula: I’m serious about the clowns and majician, because I was bored out of my mind last night. The guy whose birthday it was even getting on my nerves and usually he’s a nice guy. He was braggert and was trying to impress me with all the money and peoople he knew. Sometimes I really felt like Dalton Bellini when men came over and tried to speak to me I would give them this cold icy stare and then I would speak too intelligently so they couldn’t talk to me. I know I’m wrong for that, but good lawd, they were so goofy I didn’t care how rich they were. It was like they were only speaking to me to get in my pants.

In any case, enjoy…


Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 51 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

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  2. OMG Sylvia girl you really made me cry with that letter have you ever cried in silence so no one else knew you were crying inside but wanted to screamed loud on the outside? Well that is what I’m doing because I don’t want any of my family members to stop by my room and ask what is wrong with me even though right now I’m fighting allergies and a cold on top of that. Thanks for the update look forward to more and still praying that somehow Dwight is still alive somewhere but just have to wait and see I guess…

  3. That was the most sweetly heartwrenching letter I had ever read. Damn to be love like that; that’s I love your stories. You know how to tug on a person heart string. I still hoping he’s alive. IF I ever get to Detroit I going to show you how to party. HEY!!!!

  4. Soooo sad!!!…but I am glad Sinclaire got confirmation that Dwight really loved her.Hey Sylvia, this free story encouraged me to buy 4 more of your books. I’m really enjoying it. I just know Dalton is going to get his own story. What will the title be?

  5. Oh I hate this! Dwight shouldn’t be dead…….Mel should! How can Aries do that to her brother like that and for a woman who left her and her brother as children? She doesn’t even know this woman really. Thats just wrong! Has she lost her freakin’ mind?

  6. Damn sylvia,Its only 9 a.m. and I have had a good cry. Although, I need to thank you because now I know I need to go home and kiss my husband and cherish him because if he could give me the world I know he would.

  7. OH MY GOD IS CORRECT!!!! This letter made me cry, I read it about three times. I had mixed emotions on this. 1. my husband truly seems to be death 2. If he did this for her will he was preparing for his dead (which is the ultimate of geniune care, love and a TRUE MAN) imagine what he would have done alive. 3. Sinclair, lived her whole life in turmoil, hurt and pain and she just strived to be the best, but look at what life brought her in the end! A free life, she may have lost love, but look at what love brought her. This shows never to be afraid to love, you dont know what tommorrow may bring! I can not believe that! I hope she get rid of that sorrow and start crying tears of happiness! I hope see tells Dalton she is pregnant! OH MY GOD!!! Another thing, I can be Aries for being a jack ASS.. How dear she, do that to her brother and the sake of her father. Imagine what he left for them and she is gonna go with a mother who she just met! How dear she, I guess like mother like DAUGHTERS! Sylvia FYI, you will be getting some DAILY REMINDER texts today for sure! lolTia (Dwight gat to come back, please)

  8. I cried real tears because of that letter girl please give her some happiness before the end of the story she deserves it and have some body beat the living day lights out of amelia right in front of her for messing with her children and niece like that it’s wrong just wrong and if you can bring dwight back he really loved herkeisha

  9. Sylvia, you need a Golden Globe award just for that letter!Tia

  10. ok i just read it again and that was so nice of dalton i would have never expected that from him of all people maybe chance but not him well all things considered I am glad she got that letter to let her know dwights feelings were truekeisha

  11. Man this totally made my day worse. Please give me a happy post sylvia. I can’t take anymore bad news today. But even though it was sad this story rocks!

  12. Oh that was so good. I just read the latest chaprter at work, good thing we do most of our work over the phones lol, cause man sylvia you made me cry and i don’t upset easily. Oh to only be loved like that or if love like that ever exists would be so nice. Keep up the good work. 🙂 Deja

  13. okay sylvia,I posted the note about appreciating husband earlier. I went to lulu and BROUGHT ALL YOUR BOOKS! not only am i loving the books. It gave me a great idea about how to “thank” my husband. thanks for the inspiration!

  14. There’s really nothing I can add since everybody already beat me to the punch. lol.Just keep doing what you’re doing, Sylvia.Suprina

  15. Yeah, I know the feeling with having to speak too intelligently and get rid of some guys who just want to get in our pants — even via the internet!

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