Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 49.2

I started posting this about 2pm but then I got lost some where on B&N getting a marketing book that i need.

i also started reading my blogs and forgot I was to post until Keisha sent me a daily reminder, LOL.



5 thoughts on “Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 49.2

  1. WOW! that bitch Amelia is crazy. I don’t know crazy people don’t go down like that she has something up her sleeves. Jackson is dead or about to die. If Queen Heart has anything say about that. I am still hopeing Dwight is alive.

  2. keisha: dreams of reality’s ebook version is the lastest update to the book. (The paperback version on xlibris has the old version.) Please let me know if you didn’t receive the entire copy of Sweet Reunion. you’re the third one who said so. I re-uploaded the book just in case making sure there was an end to it.

  3. Oh my Goodness, Sylvia, Oh Sylvia… That post was the best post ever! I felt like I was there! The gruel Bitch Amelia is going to rott in hell! Oh my, how can some one, be so cruel and just live life like it was nothing. Cut her in pieces, that is some shit the Cubas do when you owe them money, what the hell! Kill her sister for revenge, I just hope they were taping that damn conversation. I pray that Amelia get F*&^ in jail and cry every night out of misery!!!! You die the way you live, and she lived a horrible life. Keep up the good work, that was great dont stop there! Keep on, you make me wanna be a publisher and publish your books. I am gonna start looking for one for you, my girl gat to get her books out there! Gideon, should have gotten his last kiss my a@# in there also.Continue, I look forward to these post!Tia

  4. I hope Mel gets a prison girlfriend that kicks her butt daily.What will be the next book you plan on working on?How’s things going with the repair of you home?PR

  5. She really takes no responsibility for anything she’s done? All in a days work for her. She was simply entitled to it all huh? What was all that jazz about Amanda being able to make him love her and forgetting the horrors of foster care? I’m not following that bit. She would rather be treated like shit?Ljay

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