Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 42.2


5 thoughts on “Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 42.2

  1. ok that just hurt my feelings it’s not enough just one more post you didn’t post this weekend remember keisha

  2. What?? Ok I may be a little thick here…but what man? From and for what? She was just a kid when this all went down right? So who can she identify?Ljay

  3. DAMN!! I can kick my own ass. I had not been to your blog since Feb. 19th. I just finish reading all your post. I know I am late but hey better late than never. The sex scene between Sinclair and Dwight HOT! and SWEET! At least she no kin to Dwight but she is Dwight children cousin, right? OH CRAP! Lethal beat Dwight behind. Dwight did get in few good punches, I hope! What man can Sinclaire identify? Is it her so call father Giedon. Who is her father? Mandigo why Sylvia that is so getto. Hey I can over look facial disformite. That why man create plastic surgery. I hook that brother up. He just need some love. When are you going to tell us WHY Lethal don’t like Dwight. What did King Heart did to Lethal? Keep up the good work this is a damn good story.

  4. Who can she finger the maid’s son? What!!!! Hold on what’s up with this Onyx.. She’s a beast..Almost killed Dwight..Come on Sylvia we need more posts.>.I can’t figure it out with only that little bit…SMILEs

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