Author Interuption – I’mma comin’

Tia: don’t be thinking this is some kind of Dark Facade crap. I go out on a hot date and never seen again. LOL

Keisha: Yes, I’m posting today. Monday’s are horrible and I left the flash drive at home, but I’m making up for it since I didn’t work on it all weekend. Why?

It was Oscars weekend and i don’t know bout anyone else black, but I’ve watched them since I was twelve FAITHFULLY. I love the getting ready shows, the red carpet event, the program even though it ends after midnight and then the after party stuff all the way up until this morning. I’m an Oscar nut! I wanna go so bad, but hell, I gotta get a best seller first, LOL.

So thats what I’ve been doing all morning while trying to figure out if Dwight can keep his mouth close long enough so Lethal won’t keep beating his ass. LOL.

Anonymous: Lethal’s story is not available for ebook or paper. I’m waiting for a publishing deal or until I get sick and tired of looking at the durn thing collecting dust on my book shelf.

One thought on “Author Interuption – I’mma comin’

  1. I forgot about the Oscars my bad just wanted to make sure you were ok I remember you posting something about it before and how you don’t do nothing when they are on at least you weren’t kidnapped lol keisha

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