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busy busy busy…. tired tired tired tired.

It’s Friday and my brain feels it. I woke this morning at 5am thinking it was 5pm, LOL.

Keisha: Thank you for reading Mistaken Identity. Don’t forget to go to Amazon and post your review for the book. Jerome and Tyrone appear in Sweet Reunion. That was a fun one to write.

Tia: You’re funny and I’ll try to post two.

Got a hot date tonight… well I don’t know about hot. It’s a date and I’m …. uhhh… I guess I’m bored which is why i accepted because I’m kinda tired of being on lock down in the house with three kids under the age of 12. It’s hard out here for a single mother (they should make a song about that! Hustle & Flo: The life of a single mother and her triffling baby daddy. Okay, I’m sleepy that’s why I’m getting corny.

I had a long night and did a lot of thinking through my sleep about the story.. On my way to Ohio, I wrote Dwight’s part, but when I got back to the book ,I realized that I had one more day to stall before Wednesday (I’m talking about the tmeline in the book, because Dwight doesn’t get released from jail until Wednesday morning, but he misses Sinclaire who’s at the store, but he doesn’t know that.)

In any case, I now have to get through Tuesday and Sinclaire going out her mind with worry over Dwight.

Yesterday, I received some questions off and on by cell phone about the story. The majority of the ones are from Keisha, but I thought you guys would love to speak among them and add more to the mix.

I’m closing doors so hit me with questions now to make sure I dont’ miss anything.

If some questions are story spoilers I answered : WTE (meaning Wait Til End)

who is gideon’s other daughter? WTE

Was there another trust set up for her? WTE

who does gideon thnk raised angel if he know his mother is dead? WTE

why doesnt he want contact with his daughters? WTE

is sin already pregnant? Yes

is annelle dating jackson? Yes

who killed assistant and why? Wait til a few more chapters

why has taylor been acting funny since day one and is she going to call delano and stop business deal? She will and she’s just being trifling Taylor like usual.

who is barry johnson? That would be the detective in Chicago, right? WTE?

who is the person dwight was sent to see by queen heart and did he ever go? Let me go back and check my notes.

Is the maid still alive and what connection other than her son have to the story ? Maid is dead and her son is Artez Lopez, who served as assistant warden @ Jackson while Gideon was there.

will dwight ever call lady from Romtex? WTE

Is his daughter somehow helping mel? NO

Is there something more from sin’s past other than her mother being a hoe that makes her scared of sex and has her cutting herself? Don’t think so. Mel was just horribly cruel to her as a child.

will there be a book about taylor? Yes, her story continues in Other Side of Love (incomplete).

will there be a book about queen? She’ll appear in the Silent Lynx continuation but other than that I’m not dealing with her that much. She’s rather sombering, but her little sister, Blaque Heart makes an appearance in Teach Me to Love and I’ll bring Blaque back in Onyx’s novel, which will simply be called Black Heart.

What books does Lethal appear in and in what order should I read them? Lethal appears in the following books (In the order I wrote them, but I couldn’t tell you the time line which usually is about the same):

Stealing Innocence I

Road To Freedom (I almost forgot he was in there)

Stealing Innocence II: The Ravishment

Diary of A…

I think that’s it…. but if I’m wrong I know my fans will correct me.

Will Sinclaire be slapping her mother again? Will Mel get what’s coming to her? Will we find out who really killed Amanda? WTE


My flash drive is locking up so I’ll post when it unfreezes…

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  1. What is the deal with Mel and Annell. She was the favored one yet she seems to have no use for Mel at all. Is there a story there? What is Jackson’s interest in Sinclaire anyway? And why is he having an affair with Annell?Why did the assistant have to die? Who is she and her daughter in this?Ljay

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