Author Interuption – Delores & Keisha

First Keisha & the Dark Facade Update: I finished the story last month. It was a wild ride and I double saved that baby. Since I’m trying to obtain the services of a publicist/agent, I wanted to hold off on printing it because I know I could get a great advance on this story for the highest bidder instead of just releasing it, since it’s so “hot.”

So it’s on the shelf and I’m currently looking for an editor. I don’t trust my mother to edit it – whose very good BTW, but the story is so graphic I dont’ think I want her to know her baby girl knows all that stuff, LOL.

But I don’t have the money to get a good editor, so on the shelf it looks back at me and says, “hello, I’m waiting.”

It was a difficult story to end since I had finished it, then the file got corrupted and I had to rework it again. I’ll probably pull it down after I finish Sin and then rework the ending once again so I make sure all doors were closed.

As for your other questions: Yes, Lynx is the lost little brother that’s torn the family apart.

Yes, there is a story on Onyx, but it cannot be completed until Stealing InnocenceIII: Lethal Heart, but that’s on the shelf as well while I wait for an agent to pick that up.

BTW, the sales of stealing innocence were back in for last month and i was surprised that people were really buying this book. So I want to thank you guys for all your word of mouths marketing. You know that’s how JK Rowling got famous, so here I come harry potter.

Oh and when this story is done, I’ll announce the winner of the Bellini and Heart Name contest. Thanks for all who entered. Plus, I’ll be finishing up the family tree for both of them.

I think that’s it for Keisha’s questions.

Delores: I don’t know what you said in French, but that was sooooooo cool!!!!! I love the way you think and don’t you ever tell yourself you’re too nasty, LOL.

4 thoughts on “Author Interuption – Delores & Keisha

  1. LMAO…I went to a translation website to get the French translation. What I said was:Who is the third party with Dalton…there is gonna be no menage a trois with him. Unless it includes Dwight, Dalton, and myself. You know what this reminds me of, the two brothers from your story that married the same woman. Yu know the one that played the trick on Zeke in Sweet Reunion.

  2. that was sooo good!!!The twin brothers you speak of is Tyrone and Jerome who first makes their appearance in <>< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Mistaken Identity. <><>

  3. Omygod I feel so special to have shown up in so many of you posts recently it feels good to know you actully pay attention to your readers that is so interesting about lynx I will have to read that over cause I know he said something about his family very interesting um about dark facade I am really waiting on an ending to that book how about we strike a deal I send you a money order and you send me an unedited version or at least a couple more chapters I am dying to know what happens you left us on a cliffhanger so let me know something soon I have sent you emails to your email address from my personal email address so send a reply back there to let me know if we could work something out I am really craving and ending to that story it seems you write like all the time as many stories as you have going on at one time or another I wish i knew a publist that I could turn you on to your work is really good you Characters are people who handle adversity very well strong men and women it is so refreshing to read a good book like that so don’t quit your day is coming I just know it. that’t why i request your books at places like barnes and noble and let others know about your writing that are readers like me I would love to start a book club in my area if I do we will def. be starting with one of your books so since I am at work I should probably do some work please post more to the story keisha

  4. ok I just finished reading mistaken Identity and I am very impressed it was good and gave me some thoughts 🙂 anywho do ty and jerome appear in another book with dana and is this book sweet reunion if so how do I get it I did feel at the end that there could be more to this story let me knowkeisha

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