Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 39.2


3 thoughts on “Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 39.2

  1. Oh my god you can not leave us hanging there you have to finish at a better point I was drinking water when I was reading and taking a sip at the exact time that sin asked dwight if he knew she could be preggers and I almost choked to death lmao you have to post more today me and my co worker are like really needed more info if you weren’t my favorite author I would hurt you please please write more today keisha nc

  2. Sylvia you are hurting us here! You can not just leave us out there like that! At least Sinclair was able to think that she could possibly be pregnant(probably is by now with all that Anyway)Why dont they stop playing around and start uncovering some information. Thanksgiving is too long away!By the way hope this is not too much to ask, but I just love Dwight, can you clone and deliver a real one for me! lol……

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