Author Interuption – Comment to Readers from last post

Shay: Was that a double darn u for the post or for me? LMAO

Delores: When I saw you posted twice, I clicked on the second one first because I just knew you were analyzing some shyte, LOL. It would totally suck if Dwight lost everything after working so hard – but that’s if he’s alive to stop it, right? And I do like the chemistry with his son. No, he doesn’t have a file on Sinclaire. He has a research file on the deal that’s about to go down in New York and he’s trying to figure out why was Sinclaire so suspicious? For the second email: I couldn’t make too many cause then I can’t make other women jealous. Ya’mean and I didn’t know you were French Delores because with Dalton cloned for you, you’d be in a menage ‘a tois.


BTW, someone came and bought a slew of books today. Whoever did that WOW! That’s pretty cool. Thanks and I hope you enjoy them.

I should get to the good parts more often.

okay, back to typing. Sinclaire’s discovering what’s in the vital records envelope…