Author’s interuptions: Character Name | timeline change | ??Answer

Going back through the story as I tried to find out the housekeepers name, I put down that Amanda died two months after Sinclaire was born, but that’s a mistake. I made the timeline shortly after this period and it provided a much clearer story. (I’ll load it up after the story is over with so you can see it too.)

Amanda died four years after Sinclaire was born. Sorry for that and no this doesn’t change any thing. Actually the story still sticks as is and this timeline change doesnt’ change anything, but clears a lot of things up.

No, Annelle is not Dwight’s assistant. Yes, Sinclaire did meet the assistant. And I really never named the assistant but she’s not a very important character since I’m killing her off.

Ooops I said too much.
Does anyone know if I gave the housekeeper a name?