Sin’s Iniquity – author interuption: I MADE A MISTAKE

i don’t know what happened.
I really don’t and I want to cry because I’m so stupid to have done it.
I was going through trying to carefully empty off my flash drive instead of buying a new one because as I was typing the computer said that the flash was full.
I closed out the program and then started deleteing unnecessary files .
then I went to lunch and became really frustrated with stuff that was happening off the Internet.
I wrote on my lunch hour and when I came back to my computer, instead of opening up the file, I typed in a new file.
In my haste to upload it, I did something and locked up my computer. when I brought it back up, it asked me if I wanted to save it. I did OVER THE ORIGINAL FILE OF CHAPTERS 1 – 31.
I just want to throw up right now, but I’ll be okay.
I guess.
Hopefully I’ll find a way to post by 5pm.
Sorry bout that.

Sylvia Hubbard
Author & Founder of Motown Writers Network.

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2 thoughts on “Sin’s Iniquity – author interuption: I MADE A MISTAKE

  1. I’m so sorry to hear you’re having a crappy day. Just remember to breathe and nothings as bad as it seems.Shay

  2. You lost the whole thing?! Okay, this a sure sign that you are WAY too busy. Maybe you need to take a longer break when it comes to posting. Stretch it out more so you won’t feel so rushed or be so easily distracted.I, for one, will understand, despite how excited I get about your stories. After all, you’re giving us a freebie at your own expense and time. That fact alone makes me want what’s best for you.Stay strong,Suprina

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