Live Story Explained

Back in 2006, Sylvia was prompted to write her first erotic novel, Mistaken Identity as a writer’s prompt in a yahoogroup.

The short story soon turned into a wonderful sensual novelette that readers couldn’t get enough of.

She had to move it to the blog, because the owner of the grouop said there was too many posts on one subject. That’s when she opened this blog to gather the readers who openingly commented as the story progressed.

When the story was through, the readers demanded more and more!

Live Stories posted to the blog were: Mistaken Identity, Baby Doll, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!, Red Heart, Dark Facade, Deceptive Nights, Teach Me To Love, Tanner’s Devil, Secrets, Lies & Family Ties Sin’s Iniquity, Sex Weed, His Substitute Wife…My Sister, Sexstasy.

(all of these can now be found either in paperback or ebook at the author’s website).

NEW READERS PLEASE READ: Sylvia Hubbard produces these romance suspense/ sensual noir stories mostly from the top of her head. She tries to post at least three times a week, but there is a warning that she can’t be bought for the ending (unless you’re a big publisher and just want the story) and do not call her phone in the middle of the night begging for the rest of the story. There is interaction throughout the story between the writer and readers (meaning she’ll answer any misunderstandings in the story), but no threats to tie her to the computer have worked. (She’s been doing this for the past two years almost and only have had to take out two restraining orders, LOL.) We hope to see you on the blog! And welcome.

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  1. YES! YES! YES! I am so exciting I just can’t hind it you know you know I want you singing POINTER SISTER song. Hell yeah I am really for one of your live IR story. When does it start b/c I don’t want to miss it.

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