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Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 15.2

Author’s Note: this is for all my overnight readers and my early morning readers I’m posting the last of Chapter 15 to make the morning and afternoon readers jealous, LOL.

Also, I need to respond to some offline comments.

Offiline reader comment: What’s with the Chance and Jackson thing? You never put two extra possible interest in the story before.

Author Answer: First the Jackosn thing. There is possible interest here and there, but that’s because Sinclaire was beautiful before meeting Dwight, he just brought out her beauty more to the surface, but that always happens when you’re in love, huh?

Offline question :Will Lethal be in this one?

AA: No

Last post question (paraphrased): What is up with SI 3?

AA: I’m holding off on the release until I get word back from a book deal hopefully about Tanner’s Devil. I decided if and when I do sign a contract with a publishing company I will stipulate that I don’t lose my character’s rights. Once I get a major deal (and I would) like one, I will have all rights to my characters and their likenesses so that I may sell the stories to different publishing houses, but I’m able to carrying them on into various stories anthologies and so forth. The only bad thing about this will be is that I will have to change my name, so be on the lookout (when I get my publishing deal – i’m going to stop saying if) for slight name changes.

Wish me blessings in that endeavor because I don’t believe in luck!



Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 15.2 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

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