Sin’s Iniquity – Author Interuption

Reader Comment: Sylvia, I am a big fan of your work. I’ve read almost everything you’ve read and I think you should receive more recognition than what you’re getting. I tell all my friends about you and I encourage them to support you by buying your books (because I can’t afford to donate a large donation like I would like to, I’m trying to support you in other ways.) But that’s not why I’m writing to you. I wanted to comment on Sin’s Iniquity. I love Dwight! I think he’s just so cool calm guy that’s just waiting for Sinclaire to put down her own fears and like him too. What bothers me about this story is that, it’s not like your other stories. The two main characters are usually having sex right now. (Not that I read your books because of the sex, but you can’t kick Zane off the board most times in my opinion. I’ve attacked my husband in the middle of the night just thinking about your love scenes. They have a way of staying with you.) So I can’t understand why you haven’t gotten Dwayne and Sinclaire together yet? I mean I love how he wants to be a gentleman, but come on Sylvia, I know you have something up your sleeve cause your love scenes always come on differently every time and I’m just going crazy wondering when it’s going to shoot off.

Author’s Answer: Yes, I know I’m moving a bit slow with this story, but as you all know (or some of my usual readers know) I do have something up my sleeve. I’m laying ground and I want to make sure when “IT” happens, you guys are just as affected as I want you to be. I want you to understand all of it and the impact of what’s going to happen. After chapter twelve, things should start to pick up.

Reader Question: Why are your chapters so long for this bok?

Author’s Answer: I don’t know. I’m so focused on the story I really haven’t been paying attention to the chapter breaks. In the final version, I may break it down to have more chapters, but with there being so much story for this one, I find it difficult to cut down scenes (unless I can torture you with a big cliffhanger, LOL)


And now we return you back to the regular scheduled program. I should post after 10:30am today. Thanks.

One thought on “Sin’s Iniquity – Author Interuption

  1. Mornin’ Sylvia!

    In response to a reader’s post, I happen to like a story that actually has a storyline. I have read so many ebooks where there’s very little meaningful dialogue and just a bunch of gratuitous sex.

    Don’t get me wrong, when you write a scene, it’s very hot, but I like getting to know the mindset of the characters. You know, the things that motivate them to behave the way they do…

    Anyway, I’m really digging the story and can’t wait for this morning’s update!

    Philly Girl

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