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November 2006

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— To my Readers first:
— MWN Author News/ Upcoming Books
— Call for Authors are out and about:
— Job Posting: Royal Oak
— Website Update/ Michigan Literary Network/ Promo Pack for Authors
— Some of MWN 2007 Events
I’m killing two birds at once with this newsletter. I’m talking to my readers and my writers. I’ve been sending out two separate newsletters all the time and I’m just exhausted. It’s the end of the year and I’m wrapping up things and stuff I just want to get off my desk.

To my Readers first:


It’s so quiet on the boards and I miss you guys. I almost want to start a story up just so I can hear you all no, I won’t.

Offloop, I have been getting emails from upset readers who waited over the four days to get Sweet Reunion. “Sylvia I went away for a week and came back, now it’s gone. Grrrrrr.”

As much as I love to give away my stories for free and I really need to stop it, I need to make a profit some kind of way and I really can’t be mad or feel guilt because I think I did a really wonderful job giving my readers over 80,000 good words on paper.

I’d love to do a book club thing where they come on and read for a month and then go back and speak about it in a chat. I’d come to the online chat. If you guys have a book club you could always suggest it. I love doing online chats even when I’m not apart of it.

(Yes, I need a life)

So what’s going on in my writing life?
I’m back on track with Dark Façade.

Last I told you, I found the notebook that had the story written out by way of looking for my son a backpack. Once I got to typing it, immediately after I finished up Sweet Reunion, I realized a chunk of a major scene was missing and I had to get it together to connect the typed book to the written book.

I dug my heels in for the last two days and just did it while I’m sitting at work talking on the phone about picking up dead dogs, missed garbage cans and stray packs of dogs in Detroit, I mustered a way to come out with a great scene between Maxine and Missy. (I bet you’re just dying to know why is Maxine meeting Missy, huh?)

Oh I also made a book table for everyone to see what books I’ve done are doing and so forth. Just in case you want to keep abreast, check it out. I think I’m going to get one of those WIP monitors as well so you don’t have to keep asking me what’s going on. That way you’ll be able to see it going on. Some how I need to transfer the book table onto the web to do that to make my job so much easier.

The Book Table is at: 1/BookTABLE.doc

New books to download from me at sylviahubbard are:

Cabin Fever | Sweet Reunion

Recommended reading for my book would be:

Mistaken Identity (this should be mandatory if you are reading Sweet Reunion because you’ll never understand a couple of scenes if you don’t) Baby Doll, RedHeart and Silent Lynx (These are Heart of Detroit Series like Cabin Fever and this is just to keep you abreast of the Heart Family.)

These books can be obtained at my sylviahubbard

MWN Author News/ Upcoming Books


Now some new titles from some author friends I’d like you to check out:

Erica N. Martin has this wonderful new book out called Straight with No Chaser m. If you read this one, you’ve got to pick up her other two that are just fabulous!

Monica M. Jones just released her great read called The Ups and Downs of Being Round. I mean just released as of last week and its an insightful journey on gaining and losing weight. I read it twice!

Janaya Black just released her 2nd book As Told By The Other Woman and you’ve got to check out the movie preview on her myspace page. I can’t stop watching it!

There’s also Necee, who just finished her novel and you can order advanced copies on her website at: m

For my men:There’s Conrad Prophet who’s been making the rounds with his hit, No Time For Love, which is Awesome with a capital A!

And of course, my good friend Emanuel Carpenter, with Where is The Love? http://emanuel

Upcoming in December are two notable books from some author friends:

Now until Forever by Karen White Owens will be hitting the shelves and can be pre-ordered on http://karenwhit

My Invisible Husband is premiering for Sheila Goss is also coming up the rear of my MUST READ list. She was just awesome getting me a phone call with Brian McNight. I think I died for like the first five minutes cause I can’t remember what I said, but then I got this letter in the mail with the restraining order so I knew I had LOST MY MIND!!! Just kidding. But I did get a phone call with Brian McNight and I LOVED it!!!!



December 9th – The Detroit Writers Galore will be hosting the 3rd Annual Holiday Potluck and 2007 Event planning meeting for Motown Writers Network. We’re inviting all writers groups, authors, and anyone who is doing a literary event in 2007 to come and let us work with you on getting the word out about your event. Plus, we’ll be giving special prizes out to participants of NANO. If you were apart of it (whether you won or not), please bring a synopsis of your writing and your word count. We’d love to give you something to celebrate your efforts. The meeting is at 10am to 12pm in the Main Detroit Library on Woodward in the Staff Basement Lounge. If you’re interested in bringing something, please call me so we don’t overdo the drinks, LOL. 313.289.8614

Broadside Press Fundraising Event Founded in 1965 by Dudley Randall, Detroit’s Broadside Press (non-profit 501.c3) is one the oldest book publishing companies in the nation that publishes poets and promotes literacy through its writing programs. SoundStaff Productions and Broadside Press will host a holiday fundraising event for Broadside Press on Saturday, December 16, 2006 11:00 am – 6:00 pm in TechTown’s Tech One Building, 440 Burroughs Detroit, MI.

The event will feature a variety of vendors with unique products, live entertainment, open mic poetry readings and writing workshops by local poet Aurora Harris. There is a $40.00 vendor fee. Donations will support youth and adult writing programs, future publications and the Poet’s Theatre. Donations may be sent to Broadside Press 440 Burroughs Ste 124 Detroit, MI 48202.

For more information or to register, call Kevin Edwards (313) 938-1030, Aurora Harris at (313) 530-8660, Broadside Press (313 ) 896- 8921.

For more information on this event, you can reach me at Thank you for your help in spreading the word to those in need and those who can help!

Call for Authors are out and about:


(thanks to Jackie Moore for her help on the Detroit Writers Galore boards for all her information!)

• Scriblerus Press out of New York is having a call for submissions to their anthology. /DetroitWritersGalore/message/3724

• Zane from Strebor Books International/ATRIA Books/Simon and Schuster Is having a mass call for authors on several anthologies. These include Asian, foster parents, and more! /DetroitWritersGalore/message/3726

• Call for Submissions for Interracial manuscripts Hi everyone, This call was from my publisher, Loose Id, and I thought people here might be interested. — Loowis wants YOU to join the talented team at Loose Id Publishing! Loose Id, the premier publisher for well-written cross- genre sensual and erotic stories has an immediate need for Interracial (I/R) manuscripts of 20,000 words and up. Being previously published is not a requirement to join this dynamic team of outstanding writers, including New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors. Take a chance! Unleash your plot and characters from the traditional and create powerful inventive tales that delight our readers. LI’s I/R stories aren’t meant to just be about two people with different skin color who happen to fall in love — we want an I/R that shows differences that could keep people apart but, since it’s a romance, how they make people learn to come together. Loose Id offers professional editing and we subscribe to the highest standards of contract fairness as defined by EPIC and RWA. Please visit us on the web at to get an idea of what we’re looking for and send your I/R submission (three chapters and a synopsis in Rich Text Format) to: submissions@loose-

Job Posting: Royal Oak


Stagecrafters seeks a Development Director for a nonprofit theatre, highly motivated individual responsible for all aspects of fundraising including donor support, playbill ads, sponsorships, events, grants and capital campaigns. Must have minimum two years experience; BA in related field preferred. Skills should include excellent written and oral communication, public speaking, MS Office, motivating volunteers. Reply to: Stagecrafters, 415 S. Lafayette, Royal Oak, MI 48067, Attn: President or email . No calls accepted.

Website Update/ Michigan Literary Network/ Promo Pack for Authors


MichLitLogo This is a repost from an earlier email last week, if you haven’t read it

The Motown Writers Network site (http://motownwrite has been recently updated with activities for January and we’ll be posting our newsletter soon to highlight all the wonderful events that we have planned.

January promises to be a very busy month for Motown Writers Network. As we gear up to launch our Michigan Literary Network geared toward readers we are in search of 20 authors.

These authors will be featured in the catalog that will be distributed in the annual catalog and also will be featured on the Michigan Literary Network. If you’d like to preview the network, please go to: http://Mic

It’s a work in progress but it has potential for so much more!!! If you would like to be one of the authors, please send an email to expressing your wishes to receive our Michigan Literary Network Promotional Package. The price will include the catalog feature and also 3 events set in and around the Metro Detroit Area for the year of 2007. Remember only 20 authors will be allowed! Check out our author of the month, ALLISE HURD who has penned a wonderful book called, SEASON REFLECTION just in time for our fall to winter change over!!!!

Be sure to proofread and ask others to check your grammar and punctuation. Errors not only make your newsletter hard to read, but also make your company look unprofessional.



Motown Writers Network CALL FOR AUTHOR, right away!

The first author to apply for the promotional program Michigan Literary Network has will be featured on the site until the New Year. We need one to at least experiment on the set up and everything and how we can fully expose authors (in truth a guinea pig of such, but they would get fabulous exposure from visitors who come by during our trial period.) If you’d like to apply right away, email with MWN promo author and we’ll invoice you. First come first serve and we’ll promote you like the dickens just because.

SITE NEWS: For the past year I’ve been telling you that I’m going to do something about that bookstore that has become a joyful pain in the butt for me. I want to make the site self serving for authors to promote themselves so I’m not dedicating so much time to it, but make it also financially unburdening for me. Having all those images on my site was costing me a lot of money also. So a change was in order:

CALLING ALL AUTHORS WHOSE BOOKS ARE LISTED ON AMAZON. I’m working an associates agreement with them and I’ll have the books by members listed on Motown Writers Network estore, so when people come there, they can see the membership bookstore and YOUR book will be listed there. I need you to send in the following information IN THE BODY OF THE EMAIL:
Author’s Name, Email Address, Website, Phone number (in case I have problems with the information provided and need to speak to someone right away), Book Title, ISBN, Book Genre (Fiction, Nonfiction, Self Help, Autobiography, Romance, Suspense, Paranormal, etc )


Some of MWN 2007 Events


Just in case you will miss our December 9th Meeting, here are some of our 2007 events that we’d love to see you at:

* 2nd Saturday Writer’s Group Discussion and Workshops. Main Detroit Public Library on Woodward in Basement Staff Lounge. 10am – 12pm. (Except Aug & November)

* Literary Symposiums. Various days and times all around Metro Detroit Libraries. Genre geared open discussion symposiums for readers and writers. Genres include urban, romance, suspense, paranormal and more. Our first one for 2007 will be an urban symposium at Southfield Library on January 31, 2007 at 5:30pm.

* Write Way Publishing Workshops and Independent BookFairs. Various dates and times. Morning workshops to help people write, publish, promote and sell books and afternoon bookfair for local independent publishers. First one of the year will be January 12th @ The Redford Library in Detroit. Workshop starts at 8:30am and the Independent Book Fair will be at 3pm. Please join us. Register at:

* August 11th, 2007 4th Annual Essence of Motown Literary Meet & Greet. Bookfair and Mingle with local literary community. 2nd Saturday in August. Main Detroit Public Library on Woodward in Basement Staff Lounge. 11am – 2pm http:/ /

* October 24th, 2007 Southeastern African American Bookclub Mix and Mingle. 3rd Saturday of October. For bookclubs to network and connect and for people looking for bookclubs to join. http: //

* November 9th – 10th, 2007 Annual Essence of Motown Literary Weekend. Weekend packed with bookfairs, awards presentations, writer’s workshops, symposiums for the Metro Detroit literary community, featuring national and local authors. 2nd Weekend in November. Location TBD. http:/ /

(Want to come or be apart of these events? Would you like to receive updates? Contact us!)

Okay, I’m at page six of this soliloquy so I will bid you adieu, good day, happy belated thanksgiving and happy holidays.

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