The Reunion Part 29 and more..

trying to post two today. was really into this weekend. I just passed my 50,000 and I have about two more plots to finished so I’m really happy with the project.

Okay, check the board in about an hour and it should be posted.

Your comments over the weekend about the story really made me feel good and of course that 400 + hits on the site wasn’t too bad – although our high has been 1500, so as always pass the word on everything because word of mouth is the best marketing ever!

PS: thanks A, for pointing out about the lip reading thing. in my haste i meant to go back and fix that and explain it better.


Oh yeah, in case you guys didn’t know, I made Diary of A… ready to read all the way through and for those who missed the last work in progress this is the one.

Other works in progress that I have completed in 2006

Tanner’s Devil –  

Teach Me To Love –

Dreams of Reality – (even though this is just a revised edition from 2000 with other story lines)

So by the end of the year, I’ll be able to say I wrote at least four novels. Yeah! Hopefully in2007 we can do five to seven, since some of them are almost completed.

Wish me luck and don’t forget to spread the word!




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