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Summer Book Scavenger Hunt
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Aug. 06 – Scavenger Hunt 2 of 3

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Anyone can win! Just search the Internet (on the authors websites provided in the left column) to answer the 20 questions listed below. The first person to enter all of the “correct” answers on the contest form will receive 5 books. The second person will receive 3 books, and the third 2 books. All books are signed and will be mailed directly from the authors. The prize books will all be titles from the participating authors.

Winners of July Scavenger Hunt
1st Place: Kim Westgaard (IL)
2nd Place: Ms Toni (MO)
3rd Place: Tonia Baker (AL)

August’s Scavenger Hunt winners will be listed in the September Ebony Authors’ newsletter! The last summer scavenger hunts will be held on September 13th

1) If you wanted to call WPSC last February (’05) to ask Kim Robinson a question, during her on- air interview with Mark Medleys, what number would you have to had dialed?

2) Zack Monstar, the main character in Devil in the Midst, will return to pages in another Diane Dorce book entitled?

3) LaTonya Williams is pictured with Eric Jerome Dickey and what other author in the same AABCS Summit at Sea photo?

4) Lesley Hal’s pseudonym is?

5) Sylvia Hubbard is an author and also the founder of ________ ________ ________, which offers literary education and events in Detroit.

6) Love, Pleasure, & Pain is a collection of short stories by Corlis Martin that are said to go from shocking to ____________ ____________.

7) In A.C. Arthur’s Love me Carefully, Terrell Pierce’s mother announces her intention to re-marry, and her groom-to-be is a ____________ ____________.

8) What is the name of the casino in Lesley Nowlin’s Dirt Ball Bad?

9) Daddy’s Girl by Linda Wattley’s was established from the foundation of ________ ________.

10) Sydney Molare is a ________ by profession, and a writer-come-lately.

11) What are the names of the twin sisters in Sylvia Hubbard’s Mistaken Identity?

12) In an interview with Black Refer, Kim Robinson lists her three favorite authors as _____________, _____________, & _____________.

13) Stepping out on faith, LaTonya Williams resigned from her job as a _____________ to raise her family and write on a full-time basis.

14) During September 30 – October 1 you can find A.C. Arthur at what book festival?

15) What is the first sentence of Linda Watley’s testimony?

16) How many pages are in Diane Dorce’s Devil in the Midst?

17) Corlis Martin currently lives in where?

18) In Lesley Hal’s Blind Temptation Paris Chere’ Du’Moore is said to look like what celebrity?

19) Lesley Nowlin is a graduate of ____________, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration.

20) Two women are ___________ __________ outside of a wild club in a Syndey Molare book.

HAPPY HUNTING!!! Be the FIRST, SECOND or THIRD to enter the answers!

Trista Russell

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