Thanks for the comments about the story. I’m really trying to get it together and I just haven’t. sorry for taking so long. Life is getting pretty hectic and I’m glad I choose a story I had to rewrite instead of a story that I had to make up. Whew.
I received this comment this morning from a reader in the email:
        l am following this new baby of yours – dreams of reality. I just finished chapter 15 now and l told myself l must let you know l really enjoyed it. The conversations in it are quite intriguing. Thanks for a good read.
Now about the website (because I got a comment about that too). I’ll be updating the website soon. Like I said life’s been hectic and the dates for the book releases have all been pushed back and I apologize for that, but I’m working on getting it all together. Morning noon and night I’m working on gettting it together. Bare with me and please don’t give up on me.
Now about me posting or when I’m going to post chapters of Dreams of Reality. Your guess is good is mine? Umm, I’m trying to do at least three chapter a week, so the posting will take place on three days of the week. I’ll update the entire book at the end of the week
The Reunion – sorry for misinterpreting your comments wrongly. I do hope to spice up the plot line soon and post chapter 5 of reunion by the end of this week.
BTW: People Who Luv Good Books did an interview on me and I thought I would share with you, so check them out.
Also I received a review today from Ciar Cullen on Mistaken Identity. Here’s the email:

FWD: Review of Mistaken Identity by Sylvia Hubbard
Ciar Cullen just reviewed Mistaken Identity on her blog at
Emailed comments from reviewer:
“I enjoyed the book, as you will see. My reviews are a little different and controversial sometimes, so I hope you’ll feel free to say anything you like in response on my blog. Thanks for writing, and best wishes in your career. You’re something else!”
Click above to read the complete review!
To purchase your copy of Mistaken Identity:
I also did a blog post on my other blog called: How to Love A Black Woman
It’s from my trip to Boise, so if you want to check it out, I do implore you to please do.
I’ll try posting Chapter 16 of Dreams of Reality today, okay? Thanks again for holding out for me and thanks so much for all your support. Make sure you tell Ciar how much you enjoyed the book too. LOL.
Your Author, Sylvia Hubbard

Sylvia Hubbard – Author of Stone’s Revenge  and coming soon the spring of 2006, erotic intrigue, Mistaken Identity and Deceptive Nights available for ebook from Ocean’s Mist Press! – Free Novels Available on the site! My BLOG: How to love a Black woman


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  1. I liked that review you got on Ciar Cullen’s blog. I’m not surprised…a good story will cross over all boundaries.

  2. the latest chapter was good. When u say u would post 3 days in a week is there any specific days u have in mind :(. Could you also let us know about Reunion 5th chapter?Thanks

  3. hopefully I should be done with this soon so I won’t have to answer that question, LOL.I think this book really only had about 20 chapters in it, so hopefully we can get them all out the way.As you can see this is one of my beginning novels and if it goes into official print again, I might push it to more chapters – meaning add more – but for now, i’ve added the addtions that I needed (except one more thing) and then the story will go as is.That way I can start working on the other side of love story line completely – which will have Skye’s brother in it ….OOPS did i let the cat out the bag?Well if you didn’t catch it then you don’t know if i did or didnt’ huh?Y’all know i got tricks up my sleeve.BTW, who was the person in the last post who was being a smart butt about “oh i know how the story’s going to end.”Well it is rather obvious and this wasn’t a major masterpiece of mine, but Jeez, did you have to sound so bored, LOL.Okay, I’m going to type out chapter 5 of the reunion right now. I won’t even go into what happened to that story. I think my flash drive is corrupted. because now that file won’t open either. ugggrrrrr (pulling hair out.)

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