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Why I haven’t been online in a couple of days…

As you have noticed � or not noticed, I�ve been not posting for the last couple of days.


This is because I have a viral infection and I�ve been sicker than a dog. Along with the infection, I�ve had a severe migraine for the past four days (the severe-ness usually only last for twenty four hours). But with the infection, its carried on to the point I can�t even see straight.


I had to have a friend send this message out to you today because I know I�m suppose to be doing the newsletter, posting blogs, updating the stories and well� a lot more, but it�s been really difficult to wrap my hands around this illness and keep going.


I should be the same hard working author in Detroit in a couple of days, but I didn�t want you guys to think I just totally dropped off the face of the earth, LOL.


I thank all of your prayers in advance and if you need me before Thursday or Friday, please call me.




Sylvia Hubbard, Author and Founder of
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