Tanner’s Devil Part 43.1

Yes, this is short, but I wanted to post before the time got away from me. And heck yes, it is a cliff hanger! I’m typing it live actually because I’ve been at a meetign all this time and I couldn’t back to it, so even if you do break in my house ya won’t get a thing, Shai, LOL>

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“There were too many voices outside. The pastor said no one should be around,” Pari said worriedly, starting to walk to the front of the church.

Tanner followed behind her friend. “Maybe we should just lock ourselves in the-“

The front door to the church swung open and Donetello filled the doorway.

Pari and Tanner screamed in fright and ran down the aisle, but the shot of his gun going off made Tanner freeze on the spot. Pari fell at her feet. They had almost made it to the side entrance hallway dor that led out to the exit doors of the church.

Holding her arm, while Tanner helped her up, Pari gasped in pain where she had been shot in. Tanner quickly assessed the damage and was relieved it was just a flesh wound.

Taking off her sweater, she wrapped it around Pari’s arm and then looked back at Donetello who had stopped in the middle of the long aisle pointing the gun at them.

“I’ll kill her if you take another step, Tanner,” Donetello said, standing near the middle of the aisle aiming his gun at them.

Tanner moved Pari behind her for protection.

“What are you doing?” Pari whispered as Tanner nudge her to the doorway.

“He won’t kill me,” Tanner mumbled, trying not to move her lips, but keep eye contact with Donetello.

“Stop moving!” Donetello bellowed.

“Don’t kill her!” Tanner said loudly to him. “Let her go, please. You got me. You got what you want, Donetello.”

He smiled triumphantly. “I told you you’ll never get away from, Tanner. Didn’t I tell you?”

“Are you going to let her go?” Tanner asked.

He shrugged indifferently. “You’re right. I got what I came for.”

Tanner turned to Pari and stuffed her pouch in her hands. They were both crying,
knowing what Tanner was sacrificing and neither being able to escape what was going to happen.
“Get out of here!” Tanner hissed.

“I can’t leave you!” Pari sobbed desperately.

“Go!” Tanner screamed, hoping Pari would leave and find help very soon.

Pari rushed out the door and Tanner closed it behind her.

“Now come here, Tanner,” Donetello said. “You’re all mine.”

Slowly, Tanner turned to face the devil. Wishing all hell would open up and swallow him up.

Because he blessings had come to an end and there was nowhere to run.

She began to walk towards him, her feet feeling as it they were encased in cement and her heart slowly dying. Taking only baby steps, Tanner was frantically trying to think her way out of this.

‘Oh hell, girl! You’re in a church! Start praying!’ she yelled at herself.

Tanner started to pray like she never prayed before.

Tanners Devil Part 43.1(c) 2006 Sylvia Hubbard

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  2. I would be more than happy to pay,I had been planing on that anyway.

  3. Sure . . .But I have to know why you take such pleasure in tormenting me so! I can’t even get my work done cause I am constantly stopping by the site to check and see if you have posted.

  4. Donetello doesn’t have a SOUL…acting ugly in CHURCH… He should have been the one to BLOW UP! Please torture him!

  5. What’s up Sylvia!!!!Where’s the rest of the story before the weekend. You got less than 3 hours before you go home. Are you tormenting us purposely? how cruel. LOL>

  6. I have a question. Since I refuse to leave this page until you post, I decided to re-read the story from the beginning. On part 12.2 (15 paragraphs from the top)Delvin refers to his former fiancee as Felicia.Is there another woman we don’t know about?

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