Tanner’s Devil Part 41.3

In no way do I mean to leave cliffhangers although that’s how most of my sections seem to end or I get to a point at the end of the day where i would like you to come back, LOL.

Okay, I do mean it.



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Tanner’s Devil Part 41.3 (c) 2006 Sylvia Hubbard

11 thoughts on “Tanner’s Devil Part 41.3

  1. del is gettin on my dag on nerves maaan. can somebody please give him somebody else to track cuz daang brotha messin up the process!!

  2. Yikes. You reallly can make a person mad. Where is Tanner(I know she is not dead)? Why do you always have to live cliffhangers? You better get typing fast.

  3. I think the story is just dragging now.. :(((((… Is this going to end becoz it seems very slow from chapter 40….

  4. Revenge. Revenge on who? Don right? Oh, this is getting too good. I’m sitting at my desk eating three oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from Potbelly’s with no remorse.See what you puttin’ a sista through Sylvia. LOL. I’m lovin’ every minute of the anticipation though. Keep it up girl.

  5. Sylvia, I love your writing but I got to say this giving a little at a time is killing me ,if I promise to by ten books when they come out would you pleeeeeeeeease not keep me hanging any longer.

  6. Ok, I am really confused. I know you got a way with tying things together. Maybe it is today but I lost.

  7. Ok we will give you more money if you just give us the rest of the book. Plueeeze. You know I am good for it. Saturday we do have our meeting. LOL>

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