Tanner’s Devil Part 40.1

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Getting to the bedroom, she locked the door and collapsed her back against the beautiful thick oak wood. Slowly sliding down, she finally was able to cry and she did so, very hard, shaking and sobbing covering her face. Drawing her knees up to her chest, she buried her face down with her arms around her head and cried some more.

Devlin’s words had really hurt more than she realized and she didn’t want anything to do with him, yet her soul had already connected to him and she knew he would be hard to resist – Harder than Donetello had ever been to resist. Devlin had left in indelible mark on her heart forever and it wasn’t because she was carrying his child.

Putting her head up, she reached for her bag to dig in it to get her purse and find some tissue to blow her nose. It was then she noticed something strange about her surroundings – a different smell and feel about the place. Usually she felt safe and secure, but she found herself slowly standing up and being very wary of where she was.

Looking around the room, she noticed that the balcony doors were opened and her trunk was opened as if it had been riffled through, which was strange. Had a servant come in looking for something? Maybe Harrison?

Pounding on her door, she jumped startled, clutching her bag to her chest in fright.

“Tanner, opened the door,” Devlin ordered on the other side.

She didn’t speak too scared of what she might say – wanting to give in no matter what he came to say to her and hating herself for wanting to just give in so easily.

“Tanner,” he called.

Walking up to the door, she pressed her face against it and closed her eyes. He was right there. She could feel him. He knew she was also against the door.

In a whisper, she heard him say, “I’m sorry. I am an ass. I’m all the awful things you said and think now, but I love you, Tanner Sanchez.”

She began to cry again and placed her hand on the lock of the door to open it. Suddenly, a hand gripped her own and she looked up into deep brown cold eyes. A scream wanted to leap out her mouth in terror, as a cold wind from nowhere seemed to chill her to the bone.

Devlin’s footsteps rescinded from the door as she was jerked away from the door.

“Isn’t that sweet,” Donetello said, pulling her hard against his body. “Too bad for him that you’re mine.”

Tanner’s Devil Part 40.1 (c) 2006 Sylvia Hubbard

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  1. Oh man! you are so wrong I will not get any sleep tonight.Sylvia you can not leave us hanging like that!

  2. You guys, I can’t breathe. It’s too much anticipation. Sylvia, now I’m on bended knee and I don’t care if the security guard is giving me funny looks.Okay, let’s make a deal.If you post another chapter, I’ll name my second child after you, Sylvia, if it’s a girl, and Hubbard if it’s a boy. If you give us 2 more chapters, i’ll beg the Lord for twins and name them both after you. PLEASE!!!!!!

  3. Dayum, I have a stack of chapters on my bed waiting why I did I sneak a look at part 39.3 and 40.1. LOL.Aww, Sylvia I did not ask for the cliffhanger. What’s that address to Farwell?

  4. Ok Marlena will name her children after you Sylvia and I will change my puppy’s name to Latasha ,sure it will take him a while to get use to the name change and ofcourse he is a boy but I will to do it for one more itty bitty chapter.

  5. You did not do this to us????? Damn i forgot about Donatello for a hot minute!!! I love this story once again you have us waiting in anticipation until tomorrow… ERGHHHHHHHHhhhh

  6. All we ask is ONE MORE CHAPTER. i should have known that Donetello was going to come back sonner rather than later. hold up, what happened to Pari (i think that’s her name)?

  7. WTF…you and your cliff hanger!How did hell did he get pass security? I see a can WA opening up…somebody needs to beat his A$$…they should throw him out in the field and leave him for the wolves.

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