Tanner’s Devil Part 37.1

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I’m going to try and post one more time today to finish off this chapter. I will try, LOL.

Umm, if anyone has any open issues with the story can you add to the post so I can make sure I’ve closed up all doors. I think I covered I have covered everything small (I’m not talking about the big issues – pregnancy, romance between devlin and tanner, and what’s going on with Pari.) I know I have to go back for a better description of Devlin and so forth, but I need to know any open story lines that I may have forgotten before I wrap it all up in about a couple more chapters.

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Tanner’s Devil Part 37.1 (c) 2006 Sylvia Hubbard

10 thoughts on “Tanner’s Devil Part 37.1

  1. Would Emma use the word “pussy” without wrinkling her nose or hesitating a bit? It seems such…common language for someone so caught up in appearances. I’d have thought she’d try to buy Tanner off, rather than going after Devlin. But it ain’t my book, is it?And Devlin is lovely, but he is way too calm in letting Tanner think the worst. He’s been sitting back letting things happen since he got home. Mom or no mom, he’s being a punk about Latasha (weird name for a white supermodel), and mom’s way too cool about the whole Richard thing.Sing Dammit

  2. I see your point Sing, but I think Devlin is just trying to be politically correct in his role, although personally, I’d have put foot to arse on LaTasha- woman or no. (Disclaimer: I DO NOT condone violence against women)…. Sylvia, this book is INSANELY good!! Normally, I’m not this “into” to other people’s writings but…….. you had me at “Once upon a time……”

  3. Sing, that just it, Old Emma got some undercover stuff goin on. LOL. Don’t let the money or class fool ya. Plus you know how bougie folk want to use street venacular to scare the person or act like they about gettin raw. LOL.

  4. Yeah the Latanya name is genuinely associated with someone black but hey white folk using uncommon names all the time. I had a white supervisor name her daughter Nisha, she had an Native American friend whose nickname was Nisha.

  5. Bellini? Ain’t those the peeps from Stone’s Revenge? Girl, are all your books tied together. See you got me putting more books on my TBR list. When am I gonna have time to read and write!!! LOL.Here’s my lil suggestion-onie: Use a simple character sketch for your main characters. I know, I know you hate to outline or structure your story. I hear it helps. LOL. Don’t shoot me. I am one of those detailed, organizy people so character maps help me. I just gotta plant my azz down and write before the voices and ideas make me go mad. LOL. Good one Sylvia. I am lookin forward to the end and the next joint you bout to blaze. LOL.

  6. OH MY GOD! I have not been able to visit this site in a while cause I have actually been working. But in the past two days I have read Teach Me To Love and Tanner’s Devil. Both are awesome! You are so talented and I can’t wait to continue reading.

  7. you’re book is a trip, you’ve got everything from a hooker and the 30 year old virgin to a ghetto talking, rich n’ proper white lady. what melted harrison’s attitude? i agree with Sing also when she said that devlin was being sort of a pushover. he tries to create as few waves as possible by making his WIFE play nice to the woman he’s going to divorce her for. he allowed tanner to be paraded around as as his fiancee’s Assistant! And the guy doesn’t understand why she refuses to stay?!! GROW UP!!! i mean alright the sex was good, but the wedding dress? thats pushing a little too far. regardless of the pressure’s, devlin disrespected tanner by not acknowledging her in front of his family. if he knew he was going to be ashamed of her in front of his family, he shouldn’t have married her. period. devlin needs to take care of his own insecurities before he can really have a relationship wit a real woman like tanner. because at the rate all this is going, i’m glad tanner left. she wasn’t being apreciated by devlin. bringing up the bellini family brought to mind something. are you ever going to finnish ‘the other side of love?’

  8. OK- call me slow…. it just dawned on me that when Latasha opened the closet door Tanner’s clothes were GONE!! Did she leave?? Note: I had to re-read the previous chapters because SOMEBODY hasn’t posted yet.. *hint-hint*

  9. WoooooooooooooooW! man this story is sooooo hott!!!! Where’s todays chapters??????

  10. I agree what happened to the last of this chapter for yesterday and we’re getting impatient for our fix today. Come on we’re having withdrawl symptoms.

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