Tanner’s Devil Part 33.3

Oh Lawd, I thought I seriously I posted. Too many drugs this morning I think, LOL.

Enjoy and I’ll see you Friday! Don’t forget I go to training tomorrow!

++++++++++++++Post deleted but kept for comments. To read book:http://www.lulu.com/content/231548

Tanner’s Devil Part 33.1 (c) 2006 Sylvia Hubbard

If you haven’t posted about the story and the book cover, please post now. I’d love to hear what you have to say about it. And yes, I’m getting to Pari’s little bit, but her real story will be in another story called Emperor’s Paridise which I think I mentioned back in the day. (Old readers should know Emperor is Lethal’s cousin and if you don’t know who Lethal is read Stealing Innocence I (http://lulu.com/SylviaHubbard.)

The baby bit, well you’re gonna have to wait. I’m working on that as we speak and tomorrow while I hear the drone of the teacher’s voice in training there is no doubt I’ll be working out that and loving every minute of it.

I should warn you, there’s only going to be no more than 40 chapter in this story. Although I don’t know the ending per se on paper, I’ve mapped it out in the back of my head. I hardly ever go over 40 to 45 chapters. The word count right now is 72,000! Did you read that right people. Yes, I said 72,000. Now that’s all the more reason to donate to the car fund, don’t you think? Hint! Hint! Hint!

Have a great day, afternoon and night!

4 thoughts on “Tanner’s Devil Part 33.3

  1. Hi SylviaGreat story so far. I’m loving it. Thought the cover didn’t reflect the story. Agree with the other readers.Will this be available in book form when you’re done?. I’d be the first to buy.Feel better and thank you sooo much for giving us ravenous readers something everyday!Chandra

  2. Hi Sylvia,I want to donate more money to your fund but I have PayPal and the limit set for contribution to your fund is one dollar.Is there anyway you can raise the amount or give us a choice like $1,$3 or $5 otherwise I have to go back and fourth to your blog to repeat the process several times.I love this story and I can’t wait to purchase the book.Angelina:~)

  3. To all the Anonymous (responses or comments) : What’s a HEA type ending?It’s going over to the editor very very soon as I’m done.You can donate $5 on my website at my donation page. < HREF="http://SylviaHubbard" REL="nofollow">http://SylviaHubbard<>to Torrance: Dont take drugs, high on life, Mr. All Mi T!

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