Tanner’s Devil: Author Interuption

Okay, okay, i’m going to post, but give me a minute, okay.

But I didn’t interupt to say that. I’m interupting to post this email I just received from a reader about my writing and my story that I wanted to share with every one.

Day by day l fall more and more in love with your writing. I cannot tell you how much l enjoy this e-novel you are turning out to us your readers every day. Thanks. l sent you a card on Valentine day. I appreciate you. Until you expained to us in a later edition, l was wondering why Devlin went to see a GYN but l do now. You are a master story-teller

l hope you will save us from great suspense with this chapter 25 blogspot because l for one have fallen in love with Tanner and will really want to know if she is fine. One thing l noticed about your books is that the characters are so real that they take on immortality and one forgets that they are actually only in the writers’ imagination. Seriously looking out for chapter 26 to know what happened to Tanner!!!

Remain blessed. Greetings to your momma and your kids.

thanks so much for these and other emails i get off line about my writing. These inspire me to write even better!

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