Tanner’s Devil: Author Interuption

It’s real quiet (except for a couple of you) . Are you guys still mad at me? I really hated not posting yesterday, but I’m going to try to make it up today!

I’m in the midst of part 10 and hopefully can give you something over the weekend to sit and simmer.

My reader at my job just asked me why is it taking Tanner all freaking long to accept, but hey, she’s doing a lot of thinking, okay.

While I’m doing this interuption I’d like to thank Chandan for the donation she made to the car / computer fund.

And Priscilla for a very big donation to the computer fund. That is just so wonderful!

The sleepy monster is getting to me and I’m fighting him desperately, but it’s getting harder.

In any case, I’d love for you to comment on the story so far and what you think of it.

5 thoughts on “Tanner’s Devil: Author Interuption

  1. Hey Gurl,I absolutely love it! I thought he was had a few screws loose upstairs when he asked her to marry him but after his explanation, I would have fallen hard. damn the braids. let’s go find a minister NOW!!!. LOL

  2. im not mad. i just got home from school. i’ll be finnished with school real soon.

  3. Sylvia I am straight. I have paced myself so I just wait for the goodies to come. I understand. I don’t have computer and I write by hand. I am still old school and write by hand anyway. I am just getting into composing by computer.I am glad your car/computer fund is moving up. Hey maybe we can both celebrate when we get our cars and computers. Woo Hoo!

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