Test Story: Tanner’s Devil – Synopsis

Okay, I was just fooling around and then somehow this popped out when I was sleeping. So I said I’d test the waters and see if you guys like it. If so, I would keep it up and if not, I’d stop and just push something else for Feb.

It’s a I/R and since you guys had so much fun with that last one (Dark Facade – which is still in the process of being publish), I thought I’d do it again. This time he’s a mixed hispanic/white.


Story about: That’s hard to say. Tanner’s struggling trying to get away from the gritty streets of Detroit she was born and raised on. With an pimp as an ex-boyfriend, who’s constantly trying to get her back in the business and back in his arms, Tanner knows she’s got to better her situation immensely and get out the city all together because Donetello just doesn’t want to let go. Yet, with less than twenty four hours to raise a large amount of money, Tanner knows she has to either work her ass off literally or give up her dream and return to Donetello’s eagerly waiting arms for security and peace of mind.

Devlin Sanchez has waited his whole life for this one moment. He’s saved himself for only the woman he would be with forever – his wife, but when he catches his bride in the arms of his best man and brother, he’s driven to circumstances that leave him unexpectantly wanting more of what he should have never had – Tanner.

Okay, that’s the synopsis. So tell me your thoughts and I’ll post Part 1, 2, and 3 to see if you like it or go back to the writing board.

12 thoughts on “Test Story: Tanner’s Devil – Synopsis

  1. i think the storyline is great. im not sure about the 24 hour deadline though, it might limit the ways tanner could get the money. i guess it all depends on how much money is needed. but don’t mind me go ahead. i can’t wait to see how this will end up.

  2. I like the story line. 24 hours is interesting. I want to see how she pulls it off. As we know, a lot can happen in one day. Go for your Sylvia.

  3. Sylvia, I can say you don’t write the ordinary romance novel. LOL.Kind of twisted love story with suspense. Guess we won’t be seeing a sappy love story from you. LOL.

  4. LOL. I like sappy stuff. LOL. I am hopeless romantic. Little old school with the new jack twist. LOL.You know how my poetic self can get with my writing. I enjoy romance novels with some good ol mushy stuff. LOL.

  5. I’m a hopeless romantic but i like the stuff that’s going to get me ready to drag a negro in a alley and give him a good time – then introduce myself to him, LOLOh… that’s not romance, that’s freaky.But it sounds like a good story idea.

  6. Hey I thought you were giving it a rest till Feb. 15. Girl, you cannot stop, huh? LOL. Just take it easy.

  7. I was and this is just a tester to see if you guys like it because it wont’ leave me alone and if its bad, then i’ll put it down and really rest

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